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Abundance of Cutting Edge and Commodity Type Optical disk device products now available.

(PRWEB) December 18, 2003

Research and Markets announces the assition of the 2004 Worldwide Optical Disk Device Market Data Book to its offerings.

Today's worldwide optical disk device market has gone through drastic changes since 2001.In 2001,CD-R/RW market was expanding, DVD-ROM was starting up, and the center of the market was CD-ROM; however, as 2004 arrives, CD-R/RW products have already become commodities, and confronted by Re-Writable devices. Further, looking at today's market situation, it is now obvious that nobody can stop the trend of these Re-Writable devices becoming commodities themselves.

Furthermore, while the voice asking for the standard for DVD Re-Writable as a device is continuing, the market keeps on expanding without unified standard. Meanwhile, Blu-Ray product rollout has begun. On the other hand, another Blue Laser standard, which was introduced as AOD, is now entering crucial stage of standardization effort.

Today, both cutting edge type and commodity type optical disk device products are making waves in today's market; various category of devices, such as CD-R/RW, Combo, DVD-ROM, are sold in particular markets for specific applications, and have already established strong positions in the PC market. Therefore, the entire optical disk market has been uplifted and continuing strong growth.

In the PC market, differentiation by making optical disk devices unique has been one of the highlights for some time now -- other differentiation examples for PC are CPU's clock speed, and HDD's capacity, etc. There is no doubt that, in this PC market, one of the highlights for optical disk devices looking toward 2004 will be a combination of video editing and DVD recording.

The data in this report covering the period from 2001 to 2007, provides an overview of the present market situation and possible trends in the Worldwide Optical Disk Device Market.


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