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A Tool to Unlock the Secrets of Strong Computer Security

(PRWEB) March 28, 2005

The Computer Security Tool by GetData Software Company quickly scans a computer or server to identify and lock down security weaknesses. It offers both a basic mode for the security novice and an advanced mode which allows the I.T. professional complete flexibility to manage individual settings and lock down a system from attack. A demonstration version is available from

We suited for system auditors, the Computer Security Tool's report supplies a checklist of problems found, including full details on configuration errors and potential threats. More importantly, the tool provides a single point of access to secure vulnerabilities.

Windows installations contain potential computer security weaknesses. Unneeded services and programs are installed and enabled. Hackers target and exploit these services using automated scripts, rapidly propagating Trojans and other methods to obtain unauthorized access to sensitive personal or commercial information.

Even for computer security experts it can be difficult keeping up with new security threats.

The Computer Security Tool allows continually up to date security configuration from one simple interface.

According to the SANS "Top 20 Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities", a system's most insecure phase is its initial configuration after a default installation.

“You can make the Computer Security Tool part of your Windows build process, or lock down a system on the fly to achieve base line security standards” GetData Software Company director Graham Henley explained.

“The Computer Security Tool also maintains a complete history of security changes in an audit log. An individual setting can be rolled back at any time for complete configuration flexibility.

This software should be part of your computer security package and sit along side your virus scanner and firewall" said Henley.

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