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A Bold New Look at Existence

A Bold New Look at Existence

Hermosa Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2004

Advaita Press announces publication of Never Mind...a Journey into Non-Duality, the latest book by Wayne Liquorman, one of the foremost living Teachers of modern Non-duality (Advaita). Written with his characteristic humor, irreverence and profound insight, this book points to the divine nature of everything that exists, no matter how hurtful or painful it might seem. According to Wayne, everything is the perfect manifestation of the Source and it is in the selfless acceptance of everything that lasting peace is revealed.

Wayne Liquorman is a former businessman, alcoholic and drug addict who after being "struck sober in a heartbeat" felt drawn to discover what force in the Universe could change him so radically. His search led him to the teachings of Ramesh S. Balsekar; the former head of the Bank of India turned modern spiritual Sage. In 1989, after two years of immersion in Ramesh's non-dual teaching, Wayne too realized the Ultimate Understanding commonly called enlightenment. Ramesh Balsekar refers to Wayne as his "spiritual son."

Wayne has published two previous books about spirituality. The first, No Way...for the Spiritually "Advanced" was written and published in 1989 under the pen name "Ram Tzu" because as he said, "he didn't want a bunch of miserable seekers cluttering up his living room." The second, Acceptance of What IS...a book about Nothing appeared in 2000 and has attracted an enthusiastic readership around the world. It has been translated into Spanish, French and Russian.

Since starting to teach in 1996 Wayne has traveled extensively, meeting with groups of interested seekers. Since the beginning of 2004 he has shared his teaching with groups in San Francisco, New York, Sedona, Boston, Maui, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Moscow. When not traveling he spends his days, writing, teaching, walking on the beach and watching his koi fish swim. The talks he conducts weekly in his home are broadcast live and without charge over the Internet.

Advaita Press is the publishing arm of the nonprofit Advaita Fellowship. It was established in 1989 to promote worldwide exposure to the teachings of Non-duality.

NEVER MIND: A Journey Into Non-Duality – Soft cover, 174p – ISBN#0929448219 – $ 17.00    

For additional information or to receive a review copy contact: Donna Tonery,

Advaita Press

PO Box 3479

Redondo Beach, CA

USA 90277

Tel: 310-376-9636


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