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“Eye on Technology” show to feature Chyron Corporation

“Eye on Technology” show to feature Chyron Corporation

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 1, 2004

Platinum Television Group is pleased to announce the selection of Chyron Corporation for its innovative, educational television series, Eye on Technology. The company will be featured in a segment on “Innovations in Broadcast Media.”

If you’ve ever wondered who provides the graphic displays for various types of sporting events, scoreboards, advertising mediums, and news blurbs or “crawls” across the bottom of the screen—you’re about to find out. The company develops, manufactures, markets and supports hardware and software products that enhance the production values of live and pre-recorded video, audio and other data. Their product is known as “digital signage.”

For the past nine months a number of Chyron engineers have worked on the development of a product line aimed at a segment of the fast growing Digital Signage Market. The initial product in the family is ChyTV-- an informational display video system, which enables one to display a message anywhere there’s a television, without disrupting the program being viewed. The video region can be resized and repositioned from page to page with smooth, dynamic transitions.

Graphic and text content may be integrated with a variety of external video sources, including broadcast TV, cable TV, DVD, VCR, media player or live video camera. The graphic zones may include crawls, dynamic text updating information such as time, temperature, and stock, or slide graphics that have been converted from any HTML graphic source. This new technology can be used for advertising, emergency notices, public service announcements, etc.

All graphic pages can be individually controlled via a play list that permits scheduling based on looping duration as well as specific days of the week and/or time of day.

The graphic, video, and audio capabilities of the ChyTV box are powerful and flexible, as well as easy to use by operators with few computer skills.

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