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XemiComputers Announces Workgroup Support in Active Desktop Calendar

(PRWEB) April 20, 2004

XemiComputers ( released new version of its popular Active Desktop Calendar, personal information manager for Windows that displays data on the desktop, makes it interactive and now offers data sharing through a local area network.

This edition of the program organizes data in layers. That way you can have separate layers for personal appointments, birthdays, business meetings, public holidays and so on. Layers are automatically blended on the desktop in a familiar single view.

If a computer is networked and there are other copies of Active Desktop Calendar around then sharing calendar data between them is possible. For example a project manager can create a layer that all members of the team can connect to and get all important notes, tasks and alarms.

For those new to the program, among other things it allows changes to calendar icons, fonts and colors, marking weekdays of choice and marking dates with notes and/or alarms. Text only version of the calendar is also available. If interactive desktop option is enabled the program accepts direct clicks on dates, notes and tasks displayed on the desktop.

Active Desktop Calendar costs 19.90 USD for a single license with quantity discounts available. Free evaluation period is 42 days. For special deals contact XemiComputers directly through its website.

About XemiComputers

XemiComputers develops software for the worldwide market or by request and offers a full range of Internet solutions and services including design, web applications, online databases, net marketing, e-commerce etc. Its software department developed over a dozen programs targeted to different areas of Windows computing. All programs are described and available for download from the company's software development web site:

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