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World’s First “Free and Open” Technology Exchange is Launched in the United States and 130+ Countries

(PRWEB) June 6, 2004

WorldTech Inc., a Dulles Corridor technology research & commercialization house with agents in 20 countries, announced today that it is launching the world’s first totally free-of-charge World Technology Exchange ( The WorldTech Exchange matches emerging technologies and business opportunities with potential customers, investors, and partners. This totally Free-of-Charge central technology repository was established to facilitate global technology transfer.

Technology is emerging daily around the globe with amazing speed. Governments and industry simply cannot keep up with the latest breakthroughs. The World Technology Exchange will meet this challenge.

Five former Pentagon executives founded WorldTech in March 2002. WorldTech’s mission is to assist governments and industry scout for and discover exciting, new technologies.

The Exchange will be an open repository where eligible government agencies, universities and technology firms of 130+ countries can log-on completely free-of-charge and list their technology offerings or needs in these categories, much like a free "want ads" section:

1) Technology For Sale

2) Technology For License

3) Technology Wanted

4) Technology Partners Sought

5) Joint Ventures Sought

6) Financing Sought

For example, if a U.S. Government official in Washington D.C. sees a technology listed on the Exchange by an inventor in Budapest that is of potential interest, the American will be able to contact the inventor in Budapest directly without any middle man or fee. Registrants at the Exchange are reminded that all offers of technology for sale or license must first be in compliance with their country’s governing laws, rules and regulations for export licensing.

The "technology push" behind of this initiative came from senior officials of the United Kingdom Defense Diversification Agency and the Australian Industry and Defense Network, who seek to assist their technology businesses, find U.S. and global partners.

During the month of June 2004, WorldTech will invite governments, universities and industry from over 130+ countries to participate in the Exchange ( WorldTech will support this free Exchange by offering technology mining, due diligence and technology research services to participating governments, universities and industry.

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