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Wind River Completes Field Testing Trenton Single Board Computer

Wind River Completes Field Testing Trenton Single Board Computer

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 6, 2011

Trenton customers now have a field-tested hardware and software platform solution available to solve data capacity challenges while optimizing network performance in multimedia network communications. The following Wind River software technologies have been tested on Trenton's JXT6966 single board computer:

VxWorks 6.8.2 (itl-nehalem BSP)
WRLinux 4.0 (Intel(r) 3420 / Jasper Forest BSP)
Wind River Hypervisor 1.2
Wind River Network Acceleration Platform 1.1

Combining Wind River real time operating system and application software technologies with Trenton's high-performance computing solutions delivers multi-core acceleration capabilities, code security and traceability in platforms targeted at call center processing, IP media servers, unified messaging servers, broadcasting, as well as in unmanned vehicle, multilevel secure (MLS), C4ISR and advanced wireless systems used in government & defense installations.

Here are some of the advantages of working with a field-tested Trenton / Wind River embedded computing solution:

Maximizes the network handling efficiency of multimedia data packets
Solves network capacity challenges through the efficient use of multi-core processor technologies
Provides a network packet acceleration solution designed for system flexibility and scalability
Delivers Gigabit Ethernet wire-speed performance for network infrastructure equipment using multi-core technologies
Trenton's dual-processor SBC and backplane solutions support the latest multi-core CPU and PCI Express technologies
Trenton's manufacturing and integration facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Trenton's seven year embedded product lifecycle support and industry leading customer service
Five year warranty on Trenton single board computers, backplanes and embedded motherboards

"Wind River's asymmetric multiprocessing technologies enables the processing cores on the Trenton JXT6966 single board computer to be separated into O/S control and network data planes", said Brad Trent, Trenton Director of Engineering. "This combined software and hardware capability delivers outstanding multi-core processing efficiency and system scalability because the O/S control plane is not burdened with data packet processing."

About Trenton

Trenton is a designer and manufacturer of embedded motherboards, complete industrial rackmount computer systems as well as single board computers, system host boards and backplanes for critical embedded computing applications.

For more information about our company, or any Trenton product, call (800) 875-6031 or (770) 287-3100. Please visit our website at

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