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Who is Watching Your Computer While It’s Not In Use?

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) December 2, 2004

NetCut Technologies Ltd. ( announced today the immediate availability of a simple, cost-effective, new computer device: FIRE-GATE ( -- that provides an impenetrable layer of protection from all outside threats.

Computer users who think that they are well protected from malicious internet and network attacks should think again. A recent study conducted by America Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance found that a vast majority of computers operate at risk of attack by invasive code. Up to 67% of the computers they examined had no firewall protection at all, and of those that did, many of them had outdated firewall software installed. Despite the lack of protection, 84% of the respondents said that they kept sensitive information on their computers.

FIRE-GATE has been developed to allow computer users to take back control of their internet and network connections by placing a 100% un-hackable, manual switch between the individual computers and the internet or internal network. The FIRE-GATE device can also be placed between an external modem and an internal network effectively blocking all internet-based attacks while leaving all internal network connections active. No more turning the computer off while it's not in use, and no more crawling under the desk to unplug cables to protect the computer and the information it contains when the internet or network connections are not being used. When the FIRE-GATE switch is closed, computer users retain the use of any applications running from within the FIRE-GATE protected network segment and can simply walk away knowing that their computer and the information contained within is 100% secure from unauthorized network/ internet intrusions. FIRE-GATE can be placed on any segment of the network where complete protection is required. Simply open the manual FIRE-GATE switch to gain immediate access to the internet and network connections.

FIRE-GATE comes integrated with two Category 5e network cables for complete “out-of-the-box” convenience, is compatible with almost all types of computers and networks, and causes no interference with any other network devices. FIRE-GATE requires: No extra power source, No extra parts, No configuration, No software updates, No administration, No licensing fees, and No yearly fees. Simply plug it in and use it.

Jason Mandseth, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Research, stated, "FIRE-GATE was designed for all business and home users. It adds the ultimate security feature our customers have been asking for, yet it does not require them to uninstall their existing antivirus and/or firewall software. It's a perfect, low-cost, hassle-free way to protect your computer."

About NetCut Technologies Ltd.

NetCut is a privately held company with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. NetCut develops unique and effective security devices based on industry standard protocols. By providing an alternative to expensive and complicated proprietary solutions, NetCut offers customers the FIRE-GATE that simply plugs into the existing infrastructure.

For more information, visit the NetCut Technologies Ltd. web sites at or

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