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Vermont?s Phillips BioFuel Supply Company Applauds Chryslers Approval of B20 Blend for Dodge Rams.

Williston, VT (PRWEB) January 27, 2006

Larry Phillips, owner of Phillips BioFuel Supply Co here in Williston, today applauded the announcement by Daimler-Chrysler that will now endorse the use of B20 blends of ASTM spec biodiesel in model year 2007 and later Dodge Ram pickups. Chrysler Group has previously endorsed use of B5 (5 percent biodiesel) fuel in the Jeep® Liberty CRD diesel SUV, and every vehicle is fueled with B5 at the assembly plant in Toledo. In addition, use of B2 is approved for the diesel-powered Dodge Sprinter vans.

Modern, clean diesel vehicles offer fuel economy improvements of 30 percent and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, compared with gas-powered vehicles. At the same time, diesel vehicles provide the power and performance valued by American consumers.

“The Cummins power plant is a great motor for biodiesel use. Provided your fuel meets ASTM standards of quality, the transition to higher blends of biofuel will not be a problem. It’s good to see that one of the ‘Big Three’ is leading the way on this for American consumers. We are on the brink of fully integrating biofuels into mainstream Americas thought process, as well as into the fuel supply network around the country.”

“This move by Daimler Chrysler clears the way for more retailers to offer a B20 blend at the pump. When industry steps up to meet this growing consumer demand, we are ready.”

Phillips BioFuels delivers wholesale quantities of blended biofuel throughout Vermont and neighboring communities. Because they only offer full bulk tank deliveries, the middleman – the fuel retailer, now has to step up to the plate and decide how best to offer B20 to the public. This means dedicating a tank to the biofuel blended product, but those retailers who step up now will be rewarded by increased margins as well as customer loyalty. While diesel fuel is readily available statewide, the relative scarcity of retail biodiesel pumps bodes well for those retailers who get on board the earliest.

“Truck owners are rapidly learning that biodiesel is a better fuel for their trucks, as well as for America as a whole. Anything that we can do to lessen our dependence on foreign oil is obviously important, but when we can lessen our dependence on foreign oil, cut air pollution, support American farmers, as well as provide a better cleaner fuel to Vermonters, well that’s just a nice win-win all the way around.”

Phillips BioFuels markets their own brand of biofuel known as Phillips BioDiesel, guaranteed to meet or exceed ASTM specs for quality and purity. Every delivery we get in to the state comes with individual batch testing results, assuring the final consumer that Phillips BioDiesel s the best ASTM spec biofuel product available in the state.

Full contact information for Phillips BioFuels can be found at the companies’ website:


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