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TuxMobil Now Time-Tested Destination In March of the Penguins: Site Now Lists More than 5,000 Linux Laptop Installation Reports

Berlin, Germany (PRWEB) May 2, 2006 –

March of the Penguins may be an Academy Award winning picture. Today, join penguins of another sort as they march over to TuxMobil ( and find a treasure trove of information.

TuxMobil, a knowledge base consisting of user-submitted guides on mobile computing issues, now lists more than 5,000 Linux laptop installation guides ( TuxMobil is now the largest source for Linux help for mobile computing on the internet. That fact is all the more amazing considering the organic nature of TuxMobil growth.

TuxMobil works a lot like Linux. The site grows with user submissions, which are then available to all subsequent users. Members of the Linux community from all over the world have provided help documents in different languages and covering a variety of topics. These documents address an assortment of issues and are helpful for beginners as well as for experts. From guides for old laptops with 286 CPU to instructions for current machines with Intel Core Duo and AMD64 processors, help is available. Also tips and tricks for BSD and other UNIX derivatives are provided.

Linux is a good operating system choice for laptops. But sometimes problems may occur when configuring the hardware. Especially Suspend-to-RAM, internal card readers and modems can cause problems or some peripherals are even not supported. Often these problems are caused by the lack of support for Free and Open Source Software from laptop manufacturers. Here the Linux community helps itself and describes benefits and possible problems when installing Linux on a laptop.

TuxMobil collects links to Linux installation reports for laptops and notebooks. To find a suitable report, look up a machine in a list ordered by manufacturers ( or conduct a search ordered by CPU or Linux distribution.

During the last year the database of Linux installation reports has grown by more than 2,000 new entries, in late-April the 5,000th report came in. TuxMobil has become the largest website dedicated to Linux and mobile computers. Besides links to Linux laptop installation reports there is plenty of information about Linux and cell phones, PDAs and portable media players.

Any Linux penguin will find much worthwhile information on TuxMobil. Join the march of the penguins to the knowledge base accumulated exclusively through user submissions.

About TuxMobil

TuxMobil started in March 1997 with an installation report about Linux on the HP OmniBook 800CT. The founder Werner Heuser published the Linux-Laptop-HOWTO shortly thereafter. Since February 2002 he has named the project TuxMobil

[Editor's Note: TuxMobil is not a misspelling. Editors have a tendency to turn it into TuxMobile sometimes.]


Werner Heuser, founder

T. +49 30 349 53 86


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