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Tungsten Graphics Announces R&D 100 Award for Chromium Project

Cedar Park, TX (PRWEB) July 18, 2004

Tungsten Graphics, inc., a premiere provider of Graphics infrastructure software and services announced today, The Chromium project ( was awarded a 2004 R&D 100 award by R&D magazine ( This prestigious award is given annually to the "100 Most Technologically Significant New Products & Processes of the Year".

R&D 100 Award information can be found at: . The award was made jointly to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Stanford University, the University of Virginia and Tungsten Graphics. Tungsten Graphics has had a number of key developers and administrators working on the Chromium Project and offers on going Chromium development services to commercial enterprises world-wide.

The software architecture called Chromium was designed and developed by two LLNL computer scientists in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University, the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and a commercial company, Tungsten Graphics.

Chromium provides a way for interactive two and three dimensional graphics applications to take full advantage of powerful distributed, graphics-enabled clusters of off-the-shelf or commodity personal computers. It provides an extensible mechanism that allows applications to draw computer graphics imagery on such clusters with a high degree of data, display and performance scalability, and offers unique capabilities not previously available in existing systems.

Chromium allows most existing applications to run without modification, and enables creation of powerful new parallel graphics applications capable of fully exploiting the power of these clusters.

This advanced architecture draws its name from the phrase "Clustered Rendering," or CR for short. CR also is the atomic symbol for the element Chromium, providing the project name.

Since its Open Source public release, the Chromium system has proven to be an extremely popular program, with more than 18,000 downloads of the software. The Chromium infrastructure has been adopted by a large number of users and is rapidly forming the basis of a great deal of clustering research at national laboratories and a number of other research institutions.

About Tungsten Graphics

Tungsten Graphics Inc. (TG) is a graphics software consulting company that develops state of the art graphics and open infrastructure solutions running on Linux, FreeBSD, and other operating systems. TG was founded by Brian Paul (owner and principal author of Mesa), Frank LaMonica (former CEO of Precision Insight), Jens Owen (founding partner and former engineering manager of Precision Insight), and Keith Whitwell (senior engineer and major contributor to Mesa.)

TG has established itself as a premier consulting organization, providing vendor neutral development and world renowned software architectural leadership. Major clients include corporations such as Intel, General Dynamics, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Red Hat, and The Weather Channel. Our team members have consistently demonstrated the commitment and ability to do whatever is required to bring projects to successful completion.

As a recognized contributor to many open source projects, TG has a proven track record of developing technology that has become standard in the industry. TG is an active participant in many graphics initiatives, including XFree86, Mesa, DRI, Chromium, and VNC. As a result, we can assure our clients that software we develop will integrate seamlessly into our client's open or proprietary systems, and all existing open source technologies.

Technical excellence, highly refined management skills, and unfaltering commitment, combined with the highest ethical and business standards make Tungsten Graphics a trusted partner for any serious project.

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