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Trust Guard Warns Customers That Social Networking Sites Could Be A Possible Security Threat

Trust Guard Warns Customers That Social Networking Sites Could Be A Possible Security Threat

Trust Guard Website Security Scanning

Ogden, UT (PRWEB) February 7, 2011

Trust Guard warns customers of Social Networking Sites. “While these sites have many advantages, such as keeping us connected to family and friends, they may also pose a serious security threat,” says Dave Brandley, co-founder of Trust Guard, a company specializing in website security scanning.

“Social Networking Sites allows us to stay connected, and meet new people. However, because of the open nature of the sites, people tend to be less nervous about opening messages or mail from new ‘friends.’” Says Brandley. Hackers take advantage of this all the time attacking users with viruses, Trogans, worms, and Botnets.

Of the various threats, the Botnet, a group of infected, remotely-controlled computers seems to be the most disastrous. Hackers oftentimes put harmless looking links in email messages. When the link is opened, a worm, virus, or trojan is loaded or the person is directed to a “phishing site” where the hacker can strike, infecting their computer. The virus, Trojan or worm then gains access to the computer which allows full control of the infected computer. This Botnet or group of infected computers can then be used to launch additional attacks, distribute spam emails and commit click fraud, identity theft and thefts of log-in details and credit card numbers.

Brandley says, “computer security isn’t enough, many people unfortunately think they are protected when they’re not”. According to Business Link, “Botnets are very difficult to prevent by the use of software tools alone.” Optimal security involves education, and some apprehension when on-line.

“There are many levels of security.” says Brandley, “Computers need protection, websites need website security scanning on top of an SSL certificate, and individuals have to know how to protect themselves by avoiding unidentified emails, and suspicious links. Don’t open links that you are not certain come from a safe source.” Trust Guard warns customers that regardless of the various levels of security in place consumers need to take a certain amount of responsibility, ensuring they are always up to date on security information, and ways to protect themselves.

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