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TechTell, Inc. Provides 24×7 Monitoring Services to Increase the Value of an Organization?s Cisco Investment

Elma, WA (PRWEB) August 28, 2006

Cisco products’ credibility and reliability is regarded across the IT and business community as one of the best. However, just as with all IT, 100% self-monitoring and 100% uptime are taboo words that yield significant caution to experienced IT professionals. Real-time metrics of performance and faults with today’s complex network infrastructures continues to be among the top business and IT priorities, and emerging practices in the industry being regarded a necessity, not a luxury.

Organizations globally continue to employ Cisco’s latest technologies to create business efficiencies and capture new market share; Aironet wireless routers, VoIP gateways, etc. To offset purchase costs, competitive organizations are finding ways to lower the total cost of Cisco product ownership through monitoring solutions by improving trouble isolation and rapid resolution capabilities, and subsequently increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Some have deployed Cisco’s Network Analysis Module for traffic monitoring to foresee network failures, but this is still limited solution.

The challenge continues to be “how does an organization effectively monitor itself internally”. Furthermore, Cisco devices each report network information individually, facing organizations with the challenge of aggregating disparate monitoring data from multiple products without a single comprehensive reporting source. This can be frustrating to the IT department, expensive to the accounting department, and inefficient across the entire organization. To address this, organizations have flocked to outsourced external monitoring solutions that afford them the value of monitoring professionals and single source reporting at an extremely cost effective price point relative to in-house solutions.

“..Cisco Systems recommends implementing RMON alarm and event on critical network devices..”

TechTell, an established and leading provider of outsourced best-of-quality element network monitoring solutions provides 24x7 monitoring of Cisco infrastructure products. This affords organizations dedicated monitoring from a professional 24x7 staffed NOC facility so that organizations can focus on their core business. A nominal set-up fee, monthly service plan and TechTell hardware appliance is required.

TechTell’s proprietary hardware, software and service solution is effective in monitoring 24x7 pre-determined event and performance thresholds that include the following Cisco components and services.

Products Monitored (partial list)

    Cisco Aironet Routers, Bridges, Access Points

    Cisco Catalyst Switches

    Cisco AS Gateways

    Cisco Works Network Management

    Cisco ANS

    Cisco VoIP (call manager, IPCC, etc)

    Cisco Ethernet Switches

    Cisco NAM-1, NAM-2

Components Monitored

    Voltage – Voltage Out of Range

    Shutdown – Critical State test point

    Supply – Redundant Power Supply Failure

    Fan – Fan Failure

    Temperature – Temp Out of Range



TechTell’s service is an ideal tool for organizations that are seeking an end-to-end comprehensive monitoring solution that is reliable, secure, and scalable.

For information about our current clients and how TechTell monitoring solutions can add value to your organization’s needs, please visit our website at, or phone a TechTell sales engineer at 866.605.7950.

About TechTell™

TechTell™, a Seattle region company in Elma Washington, is an established and leading provider of outsourced end-to-end element network monitoring solutions.

Founded in 2002, TechTell’s mission is to provide network monitoring solutions for private and public organizations seeking to employ best-of-class quality outsourced network monitoring services. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to help them achieve maximum value from their IT investments with a client tailored network monitoring solution.


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