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Tachyon Networks aXiom Services Platform Delivers Advanced Satellite Broadband Capabilities

Tachyon Networks aXiom Services Platform Delivers Advanced Satellite Broadband Capabilities

San Diego, CA (Vocus) December 1, 2010

Tachyon Networks, developer of aXiom end-to-end satellite solutions for fixed, portable and comms-on-the-move (COTM) applications, today announced the launch of its Linux-based aXiom Services Platform (ASP). The ASP facilitates seamless integration across all communications equipment components onboard aircraft, terrestrial vehicles and maritime vessels, as well as interoperability with the end-to-end satellite network. The ASP also enables the display of all network monitoring applications and operational data with an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).

“The ASP is integral to Tachyon’s ability to provide superior end-to-end satellite broadband solutions, while allowing customers maximum flexibility across multiple waveform technologies and CPE platforms,” said Peter Carides, CEO of Tachyon Networks. “The ASP delivers the inherent functionality, reliability and ease of use that Tachyon’s customers have come to depend upon to meet their mission-critical networking needs.”

Consisting of a series of compact CPU boards with Virtual Machines and their associated Linux-based software, the rugged ASP is built to withstand the harshest remote and COTM environments. In addition, new releases of ASP software reside alongside the existing release on an adjacent Virtual Machine, ensuring that the ASP is completely stable when transitioning from one release to the next. This empowers customers with a high degree of reliability when deploying new applications and services.

The ASP enables industry-leading aXiom 7000 Series Integrated Mobile Network solutions to be technology agnostic and operate across commercial and military Ku, Ka and X-band spacecraft, with waveforms from multiple vendors such as iDirect and Hughes. Moreover, the ASP integrates, operates and manages multiple vendors’ stabilized antenna systems, navigational systems, terminal components and earth station equipment via a web-based GUI to maximize ease of use.

The ASP performs all of the functions that are required to support high-performance satellite networking including HTTP acceleration, WAN & TCP/IP acceleration, MPLS and IP policy routing using DHCP, NAT, IPv6, DNS and ARP. Beyond this functionality, the ASP enables several distinctive capabilities, including high-fidelity link performance and patented pre-fetch technologies for IP acceleration, remote field upgrades and net boot capabilities, along with an advanced suite of monitoring, reporting and control tools. The ASP provides unmatched visibility into the historic and current performance of the network, both at the Network Operation Center (NOC) and locally by the customer, enabling Tachyon to operate and manage remote networks more efficiently, and to provide customers with unprecedented visibility into their remotely deployed assets.

Bill Casiday, Chief Technology Officer at E&E Enterprises Global said, “Tachyon’s advanced networking capabilities enable us to serve Department of Homeland Security customers such as the US Coast Guard, addressing their most complicated and critical satellite broadband needs. E&E provides their customers, such as DHS, reliable Tachyon solutions to deliver multiple applications which include Internet connectivity, video conferencing and VoIP both in the Continental US and in worldwide locations including Haiti and the Middle East.”


Tachyon’s aXiom Services Platform (ASP) is available today on all aXiom Series Terminal Routers and aXiom Services Gateways.

About Tachyon Networks

Tachyon Networks, developer of aXiom end-to-end satellite solutions for fixed, portable and COTM applications, delivers the highest quality managed network services for data, voice and video. Tachyon serves government agencies and enterprises that require secure, mission-critical communications over air, land and sea. Enabled by the software-based aXiom Services Platform (ASP), Tachyon's technology-agnostic solutions include management and operation of space segment capacity and teleport facilities, VSAT equipment and antennas and managed network services. Tachyon's financially backed industry-leading service-level agreement (SLA) guarantees a superior quality of service (QoS). For more information visit


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