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19Feb/110 Joins Forces with TrekBlue’s Spyware Nuker Spyware Software and Spyware Remover to Offer Internet Users Effective Anti Spyware Software

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 12, 2005, a leading online resource for spyware software and spyware remover programs, today announced a new agreement that makes TrekBlue's Spyware Nuker Spyware software available from their website. Visitors to the site can receive a free spyware scan of their computer.

In the current Internet environment, spyware and adware viruses like the about:blank hijacker represent one of the greatest dangers to Internet users. A recent survey conducted in 2003 by the National CyberSecurity Alliance found that over 90% of consumers had some form of adware or spyware on their computers, and most consumers were not even aware of it.

“Spyware” is the term used to describe commercial software that has manifest itself on a computer in an unsolicited manner — that is, a program that gets installed on a computer though the owner never requested it. In most cases, spyware does something a user does not want it to. For instance, spyware often has the ability to broadcast a PC's sensitive information over the web. This information could be passwords, key strokes, web histories, credit card numbers or much more.

The simplest way for Internet users to protect their computers from spyware, adware, trojans and home page trackers is to regularly scan their computers with updated spyware software as they would with anti-virus software. There are many spyware remover programs available to Internet users. One of the best is TrekBlue's Spyware Nuker, which handles malicious spyware and adware (like the recent about:blank virus), prevents hackers from invading a computer’s files, stops others from monitoring your online movements, blocks cookies and pop ups and prevents Trojan viruses from destroying computers.

“We are excited to be offer our site users one of the most powerful spyware software and spyware remover programs on the market,” said Andrew Wroblewski of “We believe Spyware Nuker is vital to the health of every Internet user. If you do not have a spyware remover on your computer, you need one now.”

The free spyware scan and Spyware Nuker Spyware Remover are available at

About is a leading online resource for spyware software and spyware removers. Also available on are resources for the prevention of trojan viruses, browser hijackers, adware viruses like about:blank, chat loggers and other malicious unsolicited computer software. To find out what resources are available, please visit us at

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