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(PRWEB) January 16, 2004

SpeedUpMyPC is a new powerful system utility from LIUtilities Inc that helps you get the most out of your computer without being a Windows expert. SpeedUpMyPC can free up memory and other resources. It can optimize your internet connection, reassign CPU resources to improve performance, prevent crashes and reduce startup times considerably. Get SpeedUpMyPC today and improve your system performance in minutes!

Why You Need SpeedUpMyPC

Extremely Easy to Use

Thanks to an intuitive user interface, recommended actions and built-in descriptions, using SpeedUpMyPC to improve performance couldn't be easier. Whether you are new to Windows or a professional Windows user, SpeedUpMyPC gives you the powerful features you need to get the most out of your computer.

Free Up RAM

SpeedUpMyPC makes it easier than ever before to free up unused RAM, prevent crashes and increase performance. The fully automatic RAM recovery feature will monitor your memory usage and will automatically free up unused RAM when needed. This ensures that you always have enough memory to run your favorite applications without running into any problems.

Improve CPU Usage

The most common reason for crashes and performance problems is that some application take control over your CPU and prevent other applications from using it. SpeedUpMyPC monitors your CPU usage and assigns the CPU resources to the applications that are really important. In case some application tries to use all available CPU resources, SpeedUpMyPC will automatically assign more CPU resources to critical system functions, preventing a serious crash.

Increase Internet Connection Speed

Whether you are using a modem or a cable connection, SpeedUpMyPC will help you use all the latest tweaks and tricks to maximize your bandwidth. Since SpeedUpMyPC automatically detects your connection type and finds the optimal settings for your particular connection, you only need a single click to speed up both browsing and downloads considerably.

Reduce Start-up Times

SpeedUpMyPC comes with a built-in startup optimizer that allows you to monitor the time necessary to start your computer. By allowing you to disable unnecessary background applications and optimize your startup settings with a few clicks, SpeedUpMyPC can help you reduce start-up times.

Recover from Crashes

SpeedUpMyPC's unique anti-crash function helps you recover from many crashes without rebooting your computer and losing all unsaved data. By using quick keys to activate the anti-crash function in a critical situation, you can instantly terminate any suspicious application and regain control over your system.


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