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Sometimes it takes Hot to be Cool

(PRWEB) December 13, 2003

Sometimes you have to find a really hot company if you want to keep cool. Sensatronics, the environmental monitoring manufacturer from Bow, New Hampshire, has taken the role once dominated by companies like Honeywell, Siemens and Johnson Controls.

The New Hampshire manufacturer is in the server rooms of the Fortune 1000, is in freezer warehouses of some of the nations largest food distributors, on broadcast TV networks and TV stations, and in laboratories of Biotech and medical institutions.

The application is precision temperature monitoring, using an innovative Ethernet device called the IT Temperature Monitor. The device is a temperature recorder, retrieving temperature data every 10 seconds and reporting the temperature data over the World Wide Web.

The challenge for this pre-IPO company is to do what the giants are doing at dramatically less cost. The goal has been realized and Sensatronics often delivers solutions of CPU temperature monitoring at ten times less cost than the giants. The great news is that not only is the cost less but functionality is expanded through a host of software partners.

In order to fulfill customer demand, Sensatronics moved on December 1st, from its founding location in a Concord, New Hampshire office park to the Bow, New Hampshire Industrial Park. The move triples the manufacturing space and doubles the office space needed to continue dynamic growth.

IT executives install Sensatronics solutions, because elevated CPU temperature is the archenemy of the high clock rate servers that fill server rooms around the globe. Sensatronics has saved countless sites by avoiding failures that would have occurred due to failures in server or server room cooling.

TV Broadcasters use the technology to provide the up to the minute temperature feed that we all see on the screen of our favorite networks.

Convenience stores, grocery and restaurant chains that rely upon coolers and freezers to store food prior to sale or consumption select Sensatronics to assure FDA compliance and to provide alerts and alarms well in advance of a failure that could compromise food quality.

Sensatronics has been doubling month over month for most of 2003 and hopes to expand even faster in 2004. There are a number of global distribution contracts in the works and several will be announced in the first quarter of 2004.


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