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Software optimizes operating system performance through better memory management. Cacheman 5.1 system utility can replace expensive computer RAM upgrades

(PRWEB) January 20, 2002


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Software optimizes operating system performance through better memory management.

Cacheman 5.1 system utility can replace expensive computer RAM upgrades

Coberg, Germany– January 22, 2002, Outer Technologies software today announced the release of Cacheman 5.1 – a computer operating system performance enhancement and memory recovery utility. A frequent PC computer problem - especially for users of graphics, games, and other memory intensive applications - is that the system’s physical RAM becomes full, causing the operating system to save data to disk using the virtual hard drive memory, or paging file. The paging file is a great deal slower than physical RAM, so computer performance then suffers.

There are two options to limit or correct this problem – 1. Purchase and install more computer memory, or 2. Install and use the latest version of the low-cost Cacheman software to optimize RAM.

Cacheman adjusts the Disk Cache size of Windows to make additional RAM available, thus reducing paging file usage. Additionally it can periodically recover memory. Cacheman’s graphical user interface (GUI) and built-in wizards make it easy even for novice computer users. The new release of Cacheman features predefined system profiles, extreme recovery mode, “Recover Memory Now” hotkey, optional log size limit, and more.

“Back in 1996, I had only 32MB of memory and the slow paging file usage was killing my system performance,” says Thomas Reimann president of Outer Technologies, “I thought Windows was just that slow, but then discovered that the virtual memory manager and disk cache driver conflict with each other. The disk cache driver stored files in RAM while the virtual memory manager was swapping memory back to hard disk, resulting in very poor performance.” Reimann continues, “I knew there was a better way to manage memory, and after some research developed the first Windows Disk Cache utility. From version 1.0 to the current release, 5.1, Cacheman has become much more than just a Disk Cache utility, it’s now also a general performance enhancement and memory recovery utility.”

Key Product Features:

Built in wizards and predefined profiles for novice users.

System saves initial settings upon first software use, so even the most extreme system changes can be reversed if necessary.

Optimize disk cache, Name & Path Cache, CD-Rom Cache, and Icon Cache for better memory management.

Periodically recover memory

Tweak several system settings to improve performance

Watch & monitor several important system values, including History Graph, Logging, and Tray Icon

Create System configuration reports

Free Trial Download

Cacheman is distributed through the shareware model, whereby users can test the product before purchase. To download the fully functional trial version, visit the Outer Technologies web site at: and click on “Downloads”.


The software is available for secure purchase online at:

The $ 10 (USD) price includes free lifetime product upgrades and technical support.

Outer Technologies ( makers of the Cacheman system optimization utility, is located in Coburg, Germany. Outer Technologies can be contacted via email at


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