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SLACi RAM Binds Data Center Automation to Remote User Access

Pleasanton, CA (PRWEB) September 4, 2008

Today's data center is managed remotely through an encyclopedia of remote management resources, technologies and standards from open source to proprietary solutions in the form of both hardware & software. SLACi centrally manages all of these resources to simplify administration and remote user access in diverse equipment and technology environments.

SLACi RAM offers a vendor/technology agnostic interface that establishes a common standard where none exists for network equipment. Where traditional data center automation (DCA) vendors and tools focus on one of the four major DCA elements (deployment, provisioning, configuration and maintenance), SLACi applies all four elements to a single, core component of data center operation and management.

Integrated solutions co-ordinate, organize and centrally manage, remote access to network equipment by leveraging existing CLI & GUI technologies. Broad support includes Remote Desktop, EMS, TELNET, SSH & TCP/IP connections to Ethernet/Router maintenance ports and Console Servers, Drac, iLO, RSA, LOM, ALOM, KVM from Avocent, Cybex, Daxten and Rose Electronics and most KVMoIP switches.

Operators choose between desktop, client-server and enterprise versions configured for individual types of devices and protocols or integrated operation. Desktop versions start at $ 49 with client-server versions starting at $ 2,995.

"Automating Remote Access could have remarkable implications for data center costs and efficiency," said Anthony de Kerf, founder and CEO of Global Serv. SLACi is extremely customizable and can be modeled around the most complex application and management of server farms.

SLACi RAM was designed to support highly distributed data centers where IT equipment is accessed, operated and managed remotely by widely diverse types of users over multiple remote management infrastructures.

Global Serv software solutions simplify the administrator and user experience by applying multiple elements of data center automation to customize I/O routing, access and management for server farm operators, development teams and corporate data centers.

Jeremy Murtishaw, CEO at CyPace Hosting Inc. said, "By using SLACi to manage in and out-of-band remote access routing, CyPace reduces the amount of time engineers take for trouble issue response. Our data center and customers use a diverse mixture of technologies with equally unique implementations. It's not always easy to remember the platform or access mechanism when you support large numbers of servers, network equipment and resource consumers. RAM improves the level of world class support CyPace engineers offer our customers."

A strong focus on administration and user operation in diverse environments include support that automates remote user access to data center servers and network equipment through nine different protocols, five types of switched and switch-less hardware and four native software technologies. Integrated solutions universally audit all remote access technologies.

About Global Serv Inc.:

Global Serv is the leading developer of remote data center automation solutions for server farm operators. Our customers include enterprise data centers, hosting facilities, computer testing, training and development labs, highly secured media and network operation centers (NOC). Global Serv solutions leverage existing technologies to create value for its customers. We reduce downtime by immediately pushing remote computer operation to technicians upon system failure closing an expensive gap in business continuity management.

For more information about Data Center Automation technology from Global Serv, or to schedule an interview with its CEO, please contact Sebastian Ainslie at (415) 424-4741 or go to for additional information.


Sebastian Ainslie,

VP Business Development & Marketing

Global Serv Inc.

(415) 424 4741


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