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ServSwitch Agility from Black Box Enables DVI, USB and Audio over IP-Extension to Deliver Perfect Digital Video Quality over Unlimited Distances

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) September 28, 2010 —

Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX), an industry-leading provider of voice communications, data infrastructure and networking products today announced the launch of its new ServSwitch™ Agility™ DVI, USB and Audio over IP Extenders that enable keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) extension over virtually any distance using existing network infrastructure to efficiently deliver IP traffic, including perfect digital video quality over unlimited distances.

Ideal for distributing high-quality medical images across large facilities, managing digital signage networks or bringing added collaboration capabilities to multimedia post production suites, the ServSwtich Agility supports a multitude of configuration options to meet virtually every need, including:

    Point-to-point KVM extension. Easily connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse in one location to a CPU or server in a distant location over existing CAT6 cable to provide remote access to secure hardware assets over distances up to 328 feet on a single extender. Or, drop in additional network switches to extend the distance 328 feet more for each switch on the line. Point-to-point applications are ideal for manufacturing or other industrial environments, allowing end-users access to CPUs that remain protected inside dust-free or climate-controlled areas.
    Switching network capability. Agility makes it possible to turn the entire network into a KVM switch, allowing the end-user to change channels on the receiver to switch DVI, audio, and USB connections to any equipped destination on the network. This configuration is well-suited for allowing network administrators to remotely access and control individual workstations and other network hardware.
    Single-target sharing. Enable multiple users to share a single remote computer with multiuser options: View Only enables each user to see only the video feed; Share Mode facilitates multiple-user access to connected devices simultaneously; in Exclusive Mode, one user locks out others, preventing them from viewing or sharing the connection while in use.
    Multicasting of video and audio network wide. Agility can deliver the same audio/video feed across the IP network without creating additional network traffic using multiple receivers that broadcast the same IP data flowing over the network. With no distance limits, this setup is ideal for digital signage applications and for delivering rich media experiences in public spaces, enabling the user to drive specific content to specific displays.

“Agility uses regular Ethernet equipment, so that existing network hardware can be leveraged to minimize investment in expanding the power of your network across virtually any distance,” said Mike McCurry, product manager for ServSwitch KVM at Black Box. “Configuring the system for just about any purpose is simple, and with Agility’s no-loss compression technology, there’s no worrying about loss of video quality when you need to span a long distance.”

The ServSwitch Agility requires a transmitter on each CPU or server to be accessed and a receiver for each KVM setup that will be used to receive the signal from the CPU or server. The ServSwitch Agility’s Controller Unit featuring iPath management software enables network administrators to remotely and securely configure all connected transmitter and receiver units. The iPath interface uses an on-screen dashboard that provides an overview of the current configuration, including users currently logged into the system, and makes it easy and convenient to define new content channels, restrict and enable access privileges, push control, disable specific devices and more.

The ServSwitch Agility kit includes one transmitter and receiver, as well as all the required components for installation for $ 2049.95 list price. Additional transmitters and receivers are available for $ 1049.95 list price each.

For more information about how the ServSwitch Agility DVI, USB, and Audio IP Extenders can extend the reach of your network with digital KVM technology, visit

About Black Box

Black Box is a leading technical services company dedicated to designing, building, and maintaining today’s complicated data and voice infrastructure systems. Black Box services more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 194 offices throughout the world. The 34-year-old company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more, visit the Black Box Web site at


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