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Semi Final ? 7Creation Graphic Design Competition

Labuan, Malaysia (PRWEB) June 23, 2006

7Creation.Com, a graphic design competition online, announced the results of the top 20 winners from the qualifying season on 15 Jun 2006. There are 9 graphic artworks already being submitted in the semi final to date.

On the 15 Jun 2006, 7Creation has successfully transited from a qualifying season to a semi final season. The process of the transition consists of the aggregation of points converted from all anonymous, member and sponsor votes. The designers, of the first 20 winning graphics among 58 graphics submitted by international participants from Singapore, Scotland, India, Polland, Malaysia, etc, shall enter into the semi final season. Result of the qualifying season together with its calculating formula can be viewed at

To date, there are already 9 submitted graphics in the semi final season viewable at in 6 days. Surfers are also welcomed to visit the artworks submitted in the past season by clicking the 'See Qualifying Graphics' link near the top from the above link. Nonetheless, voting points will only and currently be calculated for graphics submitted in the semi final season.

7Creation continues to grow strong in the search ranking result of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN with a PageRank 5 that indicates 7Creation as a website full of quality content. Unlike 3 months ago, 7Creation does not depend solely on new unique visitors anymore; it currently has a group of strong and regular steadfast visitors that will keep re visiting the site to check out for new graphic submission.

Winning participants from the qualifying season will be given a dateline until the 24 Jun 2006 to submit the design source of their winning graphics. This is to authenticate the authorship of the artworks. Designers failing to submit the design source shall be disqualified from carrying on the participation in the semi final.

”Since the organizers of 7Creation are entrusted with the responsibility to verify the authorship of each artwork, we will try our very best to make sure that each participant is treated fairly throughout the process,” said Gary Wong, one of the Founders of “In addition, we have constantly been receiving constructive feedbacks from visitors from all around the world suggesting for ways to improvise our infrastructures such as the point system and its usability. This shows a good sign of its growing popularity.”

“The graphic design competition is getting fiercer. The first graphic was submitted on the first open day of semi final itself,” said Alvin Han, a founder of “In order to gain more advantages of the timing for a higher voting rate, the participants have almost immediately made use each opportunity to market their graphics via Tell Your Friend, graphic description and the blogging facilities.”

7Creation will continue to strive in enhancing the website features so as to bring in more convenience and fun to the international participants and visitors. To know more about 7Creation, visit http://www.7Creation.Com

About 7Creation.Com

7Creation is a graphic design competition website designed to encourage hundreds of people around the world for competition. Headed since 01 Mar 2006, by 2 young Malaysians Gary Wong and Alvin Han, 7Creation today has more than 160 international members and 67 graphics in competition. Within 2 months, 7Creation has proudly recognized by major search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google with PageRank (5) as a quality website.


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