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Save Energy, Save Money and Save the Environment with New Green PC Building Courses from

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 23, 2009

Individuals looking for an entertaining, hands-on way to save money, save energy and/or save the environment can now build their own green PCs with the launch of Vaughn Pyne's new green PC building courses, available from U-Build-It Computer Seminars and

"How you build or use a computer has a surprising effect on our environment, and it's clearly evident the environment needs all the help it can get," Pyne says. "The big computer companies like Dell and HP are coming out with their own versions of green PCs, but their machines are highly proprietary and can be difficult to upgrade. Building your own green PC allows you to not only save the environment, but also allows you to get to know your system and save the money associated with costly repairs and upgrades."

With 24 years' experience building computers, Pyne recognizes the importance of moving into greener computing. Pyne's passion for the green building concept and the amount of outdated information on green computer building led him to develop computer building seminars and coaching programs so he can make a difference, even if just one PC at a time.

By building a green PC, individuals have the opportunity to perform their own future upgrades and to gain an understanding of the technology of the system and become less reliant on others for technical support. In addition, building a green PC provides the thrill of building and creating something with one's own hands. "The first step in becoming more technically competent with a computer is building your own," Pyne says.

To help consumers, Pyne offers three new green PC building courses, each with differing levels of support and guidance.

The GREEN PC Builders' Boot Camp kit contains just the basics of building a PC. The kit contains a detailed step-by-step manual loaded with large full-color photographs of the PC building process and a complete materials list, featuring tips on where to obtain everything on the list for the best price. Hardware and software components are available separately.

The GREEN PC Builders' Seminar-in-a-Box kit contains the step-by-step manual, a CD tool kit and two bonuses.

The GREEN PC Builders' Independence Course is Pyne's flagship product. The course consists of 16 lessons over a four-week period, designed to teach computer assembling novices everything needed to build a green PC. Along with the step-by-step manual and CD tool kit, the course includes 4 bonuses, unlimited e-mail support for one year and three personal phone consultations with Pyne. At pre-arranged times, the user will have three separate 30 minute calls for assistance on planning the personal build, guidance on building or troubleshooting.

For a limited time, individuals who enroll in the Independence Course can save $ 500 on the course fee.

For those who want a hands-off approach to building a green PC, Pyne also offers a custom Green PC Build, in which he builds green PCs to order (subject to schedule availability). Along with a customized green PC, users will receive a personal, detailed step-by-step manual of the PC.

Pyne also offers U-Build-It Computer Seminars, a series of seminar products to guide potential computer builders. Usually held in the Las Vegas area, the live-seminar PCs have components that have been thoroughly tested for compatibility and future upgrades. Pyne is also available via his "Have Seminar, Will Travel" program. He frequently travels the Western states and is often available to meet and speak to small groups.

For more information about building a green PC or to learn more about Vaughn Pyne's green PC building courses and kits, visit

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