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Revolutionary Automated Retractable Car Cover by CoverTech – Ice and Snow Do Not Stick

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) April 29, 2008

"A major retail outlet with 450 department stores is interested & ready to put our product on their shelves in all 450 outlets (only 1 of many chain outlets interested)," said Roy Parsons, director of public relations at CoverTech. "Our one-of-a-kind patented product has the potential to do as well as the microwave or VCR if not better; it has no competition. It can effectively be applied to various different market categories earning large returns on investment."

Interested parties include military agencies who are awaiting final production for use against protection of sand and debris on tanks and various military vehicles. A major car company has stated that this product has the potential of being a standard option on every vehicle in the future. CoverTech has completed the market validation prototype and is currently seeking investors for final market ready production units.

This new product will free the consumer from time-consuming labor as well as lessen the damage associated with extreme weather conditions. CoverTech will be the start of an unprecedented new industry dealing effectively with additional virgin markets such as military applications, farm and construction. The proprietary hybrid material is strong, rip-resistant and lightweight. It offers a light reflective property, snow and ice do not adhere to it, and protects from sun damage and all harsh weather conditions as well as malicious intent, which can be viewed on our website .

After being used, CoverTech is both quickly and easily retracted into its own storage compartment. The retraction mechanism avoids entanglements and does not require any effort by the consumer to fold and help store the cover, and is immediately ready for use again.

The car covers currently available are used mostly for long-term preservation. Unlike current bulky, non-retractable and cumbersome manual covers, they are not meant or even designed to address short-term hourly or daily protection to combat the effects of extreme temperatures. This is a leading reason why car covers are not widely used on a daily basis, whether it is the effects of a scorching sun or snow & ice, the automatic CoverTech is a "one-of-a-kind" solution.

For additional information and investment opportunities please contact Mr. Roy Parsons or visit .

About CoverTech:

CoverTech is a private company with offices in California USA and Montreal Canada.


Mr. Roy Parsons, director of public relations

Cover Inc.



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