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Real Data Graphics – The Newest Innovation to Educate and Persuade Undecided Voters

Real Data Graphics - The Newest Innovation to Educate and Persuade Undecided Voters

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Rochester, NY (PRWEB) October 6, 2010

Today Real Data Doesn’t Lie announced a new portfolio of products designed to aid Republicans and the Tea Party movement fight against the distortions of their ideals perpetrated by their opponents. offers posters, postcards, apparel, and other products featuring Real Data Graphics to educate and persuade undecided voters.

Almost all political campaign and issue oriented graphics available today consist of only a candidate’s name or a political slogan. They do nothing to educate and persuade the undecided, let alone to win over the opposition. Real Data Doesn’t Lie recognized this as a wasted opportunity. Instead they offer Real Data Graphics based on thorough analysis of all the available data to clearly communicate an urgent need for action. The resulting products can be customized at to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups, campaigns, and rallies. The largest posters are designed to be used as backdrops for speeches and interviews.

“Information conveyed with images is six times more likely to be noticed and remembered than text,” explained Edward Jadus, president of Real Data Doesn’t Lie. “It’s called the Picture Superiority Effect. We design graphics that leverage this effect by combining images with text and data. Our customers tell us that our Real Data Graphics deliver a message that is clear, persuasive, and memorable. We invite everyone to visit to experience this effect.”

“Let me give you an example from our new product portfolio,” Edward continued. “Tell someone that the Federal Government has a $ 13 Trillion Debt and their eyes tend to glaze over. They have trouble visualizing the problem. Show them that every child and grandchild in America is born owing Uncle Sam over $ 400,000 as their share of government debt and liabilities and no one, not even those on the Liberal Left, can doubt that our country is in real trouble.”

In addition to the ballooning Federal Debt, the new product portfolio includes Real Data Graphics focused on:

Out of control government spending

Waste and inefficiency in the public sector

The growing culture of entitlement in America

Advantages of capitalism

Real Data Doesn’t Lie is the premier creator of Real Data Graphics combining images with text and data to deliver a clear, persuasive, and memorable message. Go to for posters, postcards, and apparel featuring Real Data Graphics which can be customized to meet the needs of individuals, groups, campaigns, and rallies.


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