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Raminator From TestLink Protects Your ATMs Against Ram Raid Attacks

Poole, Dorset (PRWEB) July 30, 2009

Ram raid attacks on ATMs across the world are being stopped by The Raminator - a tried and tested anti-ramming device now newly available through TestLink.

Raminator can withstand repeated ATM ram raid attacks from cars, 4x4s (SUVs), trucks, diggers and other construction or agricultural vehicles.

It is a specially manufactured mounting plate that is designed to absorb the force of sustained attacks - preventing the bolts that secure the ATM to the ground from shearing.

Independent ATM remanufacturer TestLink has signed a new deal which means ATM deployers can now buy high quality used ATMs fitted with Raminator from day one for added protection against ATM ram raid attacks.

Specifying the fitting of Raminator before ATM machines are installed shortens ATM installation times - saving clients time and money as well as protecting their ATMs from ram raid attacks.

ATM network operators can also task TestLink to upgrade their existing estates by retro-fitting Raminator to their networks of cash machines.

Raminator has been voted Best Security Product by ASIAL (the Australia Security Industry Association Ltd).

Now TestLink has signed an agreement with Raminator manufacturer Lockit Systems to make it more available to banks, mutuals and independent ATM deployers across the world.

Ram raid attacks on ATMs are a global problem, prompting growing concern among law enforcement agencies, ATM operators and deployers.

In March 2009, Raminator's success was highlighted by police at the ATMIA ATMS in Australia & New Zealand conference in Sydney.

Murray Chapman (Det Acting Supt, Commander Firearms And Registered Industries Squad, New South Wales Police) told delegates that, while the police could not endorse any particular product, there had been no successful ram raids since Raminator had been fitted.

TestLink Chairman Nick Beer said: "We see Raminator as becoming the accepted ATM industry standard for anti-ramming security. It makes sense - it works.

"Raminator is a unique solution against ram raids. It's simple, cost-effective, fits under ATMs discreetly and supports most ATM manufacturers."

He added: "ATM security is becoming increasingly important. There's a global recession and ATM crime is becoming more international."

Mr Beer highlighted the increasing number of ATM ram raid attack in South Africa - "most of them in shopping centres".

He said: "The criminals will drive through shopping centres to get at the ATMs. They are becoming more aggressive."

TestLink is also seeing increasing demand for its other ATM security solutions which also include:

ATM anti-skimming technology - Card Protection Kit+ (CPK+), proven protection against all known types of ATM skimming devices. Fits all ATMs including NCR, Wincor, Triton and Diebold. Invisible from the outside. Installation in under an hour. Silent alarm option available.
ATM cassette locking bar systems - added protection for your ATM cassettes, even when raiders are armed with keys. Only one ATM cassette can be removed at a time, delaying and deterring thieves.

TestLink is best known for its global used ATM sales - remanufacturing used ATMs to 'as-new' condition - plus associated services such as:

refurbished ATM parts and modules, ATM spares (savings of up to 60 per cent)
ATM cassettes and ATM cassette refurbishment
ATM estate management.

Customers of TestLink can buy used ATMs for up to 70 per cent less than the cost of new ATMS. They are purchasing high quality custom-specified ATMs from TestLink that are as reliable as new ATMs and often more so.

TestLink has 20 years of experience in the remanufacture and upgrading of ATMs. The company operates to ISO9000 and ISO14001 quality standards and has an ethical environmental policy.

For more information, or contact ATM Sales Manager Andrew French, +44 (0)1202 627121 (direct), +44 (0)7912 675152 (mobile) or TestLink Business Development Manager Rastislav Justh, +420 723 944 557 (mobile).

Information for Editors:


UK & Western European Operation    

TestLink Services Ltd        

No. 1 Factory Road        


Poole, Dorset            

BH16 5SJ

United Kingdom            

Telephone: +44 (0)1202 627100

Fax: +44 (0)1202 625577

Central European Operation

TestLink Services Ltd

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Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 220 121 450

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TestLink - Cutting Costs By Innovating Service

TestLink Services Ltd is an independent company specialising in ATM remanufacture, ATM refurbishment and ATM asset & estate management - benefiting the global environment by increasing the reuse and recycling of automated banking equipment and reducing ATM-related waste.

ATM operators and third party manufacturers across the world can cut costs by up to 70 per cent by purchasing ATMs remanufactured by TestLink to 'as-new' condition.

TestLink has 20 years of experience providing repairs to the leading ATM OEMs and maintenance organisations. The company has a capability across NCR, Wincor and Triton ATMs on all module types.

TestLink engineers strip each ATM down to its individual components, painstakingly rebuilding each module for maximum operational efficiency and longevity of service.

Each refurbished ATM undergoes a detailed 210-point inspection at TestLink before being shipped with delivery from just seven days.

Services provided by TestLink include:

ATM asset & estate management with detailed reports on how well your ATMs are functioning, recommended servicing and preventative maintenance, modules and parts inventory. Reports include the performance of external non-TestLink engineers and whether they need ATM training to improve productivity
ATM inventory management - sophisticated systems with online visibility of your inventory and its movements; secure storage of modules and parts; secure disposal of old or obsolete parts and modules to UK Ministry of Defence standards
ATM parts repairs - fast turnaround time; online status system; premium quality parts; obsolete part support; direct to site international shipment by advance exchange
ATM cassettes (NCR, Wincor, Fujitsu) - supply of refurbished ATM cassettes; repair and refurbishment of ATM cassettes; testing and configuration of ATM cassettes
supply of hand-portable ATM test equipment for NCR ATM cassettes
ATM security - anti-ramming, anti-skimming and cassette locking bar systems
mobile computer support to the corporate sector, repairing OEM products both inside and outside warranty
mobile computer support to SMEs and individual computer users via TestLink's dedicated Web site
specialised Chip & PIN repairs on behalf of banks and third party maintenance organisations; refurbishing chip and pin devices to as-new condition.
TestLink serves its global markets from two fully resourced repair centres in the UK and the Czech Republic. Many of the 120 staff have direct OEM experience gained as engineers at ATM manufacturers NCR and Wincor.

TestLink was founded in 1989. It is still managed by its two founders, Chairman Nick Beer and Managing Director Greg Hughes.

The company operates to ISO9000 quality systems and ISO14001 environmental systems standards with an ethical environmental policy.


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