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QA Graphics Launches New Editable Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard

QA Graphics Launches New Editable Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard

QA Graphics' Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard

Ankeny, IA (Vocus) March 31, 2010

QA Graphics, an industry leader in providing educational solutions and interactive displays for sustainable buildings is proud to announce the development of a new editable Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard that allows the content to easily be changed and updated allowing it to grow and change with the building’s display needs.

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) is an interactive solution used to showcase an organization’s green initiatives and provide education about how those efforts help the environment. The EEED can be used to educate building occupants, students and the public about an organization’s efficient resource use, green features, carbon footprint reduction, recycling procedures and other sustainable initiatives. The information is presented in a user-friendly format similar to a website, making it easy to use for all ages. Schools, universities, libraries, commercial buildings, government buildings, and restaurants have utilized QA Graphics’ EEED to educate about their green efforts.

The EEED can include a variety of features, such as:

Resource use shown in real-time
Calculators to compute resources saved
Leaderboard comparison among multiple buildings or floors within a building
Educational demos
Green features information
Environmental tips
LEED checklist
Current weather conditions
Interactive quizzes/games

Now, the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard has been designed to give the end-user the ability to easily change much of the content, images and videos displayed. The user can update the EEED and change the information by using a simple content management system (CMS). Making edits doesn’t require technical skills; users can log into the CMS using a secure password to edit content and upload new images or videos. With the EEED’s new editable capabilities, a variety of new features can also be utilized on the display, allowing the EEED to be used for all of an organization’s display needs. These features include company information, news, a building directory, a calendar, advertisements, donor recognitions and other custom options.

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is offered as a product, allowing the customer to maintain control of their solution without ongoing contracts or monthly fees. It can be displayed on the internet, intranet, and/or a hardware display (touch screen or kiosk). QA Graphics provides a turnkey solution for the EEED; whether it’s displayed online or in conjunction with preconfigured hardware, the solution is truly plug-and play. Visit to learn more, and contact QA Graphics to view a demo and see how your organization can showcase its sustainable efforts.

About QA Graphics

QA Graphics is an innovative computer graphic development company specializing in the building automation and green building design industries. The company is an industry leader in the design of graphical user interfaces (GUI) and energy efficiency education used to showcase a building’s green initiatives. The company provides a variety of graphic design solutions including graphic outsourcing, 3D design/animation, interactive content and full-service Web site development. Visit to learn more.



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