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Public Records Tracker? Accelerates Federal Government?s Shift to ?Cloud First? Computing

Public Records Tracker™ Accelerates Federal Government’s Shift to “Cloud First” Computing

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) February 14, 2011

With pressure mounting on federal chief information officers to identify and move government services to “cloud” computing this year, Public Records Tracker™ provides a natural solution for achieving compliance ahead of schedule, according to the makers of the popular cloud-based application.

“A number of major federal agencies have already approved the adoption of Public Records Tracker (PRT),” said John Schloemann, vice president for Eskel Porter Consulting, the information technology consulting firm that developed PRT and has been providing government technology solutions for more than three decades.

In December, the White House issued a “25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Management Technology Management.” This plan requires that federal agencies must move towards a “cloud first” policy, meaning that every agency must identify three “must move” services within three months, and have one of those services on the cloud by the end of 2011. Another two must be migrated by the middle of the following year.

Schloemann said that Public Records Tracker is an ideal “must move” federal government cloud computing application for the following reasons:

    Relative to other database systems that store government information and intellectual property, the management of FOIA requests in the “cloud” is relatively low risk by comparison.
    With the changes that have occurred in government transparency, which have affected FOIA response requirements over the past two years, federal agencies can benefit from the automatic updates and upgrades that come with a “cloud” application to meet changes at no additional cost.
    Public Records Tracker is a proven FOIA management system, pre-approved for federal agency cloud computing use and is available through GSA’s Apps.Gov.

In his 25-point federal plan, Vivek Kundra, the U.S. Chief Information Officer, said cloud computing was a high priority because of its value to taxpayers, government and the public. According the report, cloud computing offers three distinct advantages:

1.    It’s Economical: Cloud computing is a pay-as-you-go approach to IT, offers a low initial investment to begin, and only requires additional investment as system use increases.

2.    It’s Flexible: IT departments that anticipate fluctuations in user demand no longer need to scramble for additional hardware and software. With cloud computing, they can add or subtract capacity quickly and easily.

3.    It’s Fast: Cloud computing eliminates long procurement and certification processes, while providing a near-limitless selection of services.

Public Records Tracker is affordable at a time when tax revenues are falling at the same time public information requests are on the rise, according to Schloemann. It is available for a low monthly subscription rate of just $ 125 per user.

“Our cloud application provides a proven way for federal CIO’s to immediately start executing on the new mandate in a way that is low-risk, cost-effective and beneficial to the all stakeholders,” he said. “It is tailor-made for exactly what federal government wants to achieve.”

More information on Public Records Tracker, including an online product demonstration, can be found at

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