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Presagis and S3 Graphics Team Up to Provide a Graphics Processor and Driver Solution for the Safety-Critical Embedded Market

Amsterdam, NL (PRWEB) March 24, 2010

Presagis™, a leading provider of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation and embedded display graphics software, today announced it is partnering with S3 Graphics, a provider of innovative graphics visualization technologies, to deliver driver support for the S3 Graphics 2300E Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to the embedded market. Through the partnership, embedded customers will have access to a new graphics processor and driver that are optimized for a variety of current safety-critical applications, including traditional cockpit displays, next generation menu-based displays and digital maps for cockpits.

“One of the most pressing challenges affecting the embedded market today is the discontinuation of parts and GPUs. Presagis has selected S3 Graphics as a partner because of its commitment to supplying parts long-term, which is key for customers who work in an industry where programs can span several decades,” said Robert Kopersiewich, Vice President and General Manager of Embedded Graphics at Presagis. “S3’s 2300E is also the ideal unit for customers looking to certify their safety-critical applications because it has a straightforward architecture and is backed by a team that will provide all the documentation required for certification.”

In addition to the graphics driver, Presagis will be providing associated services for the new GPU. These services include delivering customized porting support, which is useful for customers assembling proprietary hardware systems with the 2300E. The GPU/driver solution can be leveraged for use in many different systems, but is particularly well-suited for safety-critical applications. Customers looking to develop avionics displays certifiable to DO-178B and DO-254 (standards mandated by the FAA for all new aviation software and hardware applications) require important engineering data for the GPU. As part of its commitment to the embedded market, S3 Graphics will provide Presagis and customers with the data required to meet DO-178B and DO-254 certification standards up through Design Assurance Level A.

"When it comes to the embedded market, customer platform configurations can vary greatly and Presagis has the experience to provide the customized services embedded customers need. With deep expertise in providing certifiable solutions Presagis can help S3 build on our years of experience serving the OEM and retail markets to further grow delivery of solutions to our safety-critical customers," said Dr. Ken Weng, General Manager of S3 Graphics.

The S3 Graphics 2300E is now included in the roster of GPUs for which Presagis can provide driver support. The addition of the 2300E GPU means Presagis customers will now have even greater flexibility in terms of choosing the right driver/GPU combination for their specific requirements. Partnering with S3 Graphics allows Presagis customers to benefit from use of high-performance and highly efficient GPUs, which operate with less power consumption than the industry norm.

About the 2300E

The S3 Graphics 2300E graphics processor brings 3D gaming performance and HD video playback to embedded applications requiring advanced multimedia capabilities in heat and power constrained environments. The 2300E GPU measures 23mm x 23mm and is ideal in compact and small form factor embedded systems, requiring a fanless graphics solution with advanced display connectivity. Combining longevity, portability, performance and value, the S3 Graphics 2300E offers an ideal balance of low power and scalability for multimedia-intensive applications.

Presagis Embedded Graphics Solutions

Presagis is an established and trusted provider of embedded graphics solutions. Its industry-leading HMI modeling software, VAPS XT, offers developers a RTCA DO-178B qualifiable tool that enables them to efficiently design, prototype and embed applications on a wide variety of embedded targets. In 2009, the company acquired Seaweed Systems, furthering its commitment to the safety-critical embedded market by adding DO-178 certifiable drivers to the product family. Presagis also works to drive and support key industry standards including Kronos, DO-178C and ARINC 661.

About Presagis

Presagis is a global leader providing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation and embedded display solutions to the aerospace and defense markets and is the only developer to deliver a unified COTS software portfolio based on open-standards. Presagis combines cutting-edge technology with innovative services to help customers streamline workflow, reduce project risks, create detailed models and complex simulations, in addition to developing DO-178B certifiable applications. The company services more than 1,000 active customers worldwide, including many of the world's most respected organizations such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, BAE Systems and CAE. For more information, visit

About S3 Graphics

S3 Graphics is a leading provider of innovative graphics visualization technologies for the embedded, consumer, and PC markets. As a quality supplier to the OEM and retail markets, S3 Graphics powers multimedia and 3D platforms to bring best-in-class energy efficiency, performance, and visual fidelity to the user. Our long-term commitment to customers is to bring reliability, quality, performance and state-of-the-art features to the forefront of graphical applications. For more information, visit


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