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Polaris Inc. Opens New Location in White Plains, NY

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 27, 2010

Ram Dharmarajan was chosen to lead the marketing firm’s White Plains location, following his successful completion of the management program at Polaris Inc. There are eight Corporate trainers that will also be helping with the expansion.

"I was involved in this project from start to finish," said Fraser Strachan, HR and Expansion Director. "In the planning phases our team worked closely on performing due diligence, site selection and demographic scenarios once the area had been selected. As the project progressed I worked closely with Elana Stein, the President, and the rest of the HR team, all the way through to completion."

Clients who have visited other Polaris locations will notice a different feel to the White Plains location. "This office is one of the first offices we’ve had in the North East’s smaller cities, and we wanted it to feel more relaxed than our fast paced Manhattan branch,” said Strachan. "We're changing the look of our location, adjusting to what we think better symbolizes who we are and what we do in White Plains."

The expansion team employed a variety of creative solutions during the project to meet budget, schedule and local client requirements. "Our team took a very innovative approach to solving the various challenges we faced in the planning phases," said Elana Stein, President. "This required close coordination with our clients and our expansion team. The team worked very well together - the steps we took were very effective, and were successful at meeting the deadlines and requests of all of our clients."

One aspect of the expansion which required creative solutions was the adjustment from the fast moving city to the slower paced suburban city. “The way we need to meet the demand of our clients and target the right business market is different,” said Ram; “however, for the most part we will be using the same systems we do now, just with more focus on relationship building with the small business customers.”

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