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Play Online Poker on a Faster Mac with Tips from

Play Online Poker on a Faster Mac with Tips from

San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) March 5, 2009

Players can now make their Macs faster than ever and, in the process, become a top-tier Mac poker player using tips from Online poker is all about speed. Players have a short amount of time to act in any given hand. However, if a slow computer bogs players down, hitting the virtual felts on Mac-friendly sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker can be frustrating. The experts at have come to the rescue with simple tips for enabling faster startup and processing times.

Players have often asked, "How do I make my Mac run faster?" It's important to keep the number of items plugged into the computer at a minimum. This includes printers, scanners, iPods, and any USB devices. Unplugging all non-essential peripherals and then restarting the computer should allow players to experience an immediate improvement in load time. In addition, it's important to understand what programs are loading when the Mac fires up. To figure this out, players are advised to go to the "Accounts" area or hold down the Shift key after entering in their name and password to log on. Then, select which items should be loaded during startup.

Players should also invest a nominal fee in programs such as AppTrap, Yank, and AppZapper. These clean up the system of lingering files from past installations, making the process of playing online poker considerably smoother. In addition, visiting the "Disk Utility" tool can go a long way in fixing system problems. Finally, players should visit the "System Profiler," which can be found by clicking on the "About This Mac" area. Selecting "Hardware" within the Profiler can help verify that the installed RAM and other essentials are functioning properly.

Mac poker players using Parallels or another Windows environment to operate programs like PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager will require the fastest-functioning computer possible. The core of a speedy machine is its RAM. It's easy for players to add upgraded RAM to their Macs without having to pay inflated prices in the Apple Store. A 2GB memory stick can be purchased from third party vendors for around $ 40 and installed at home. At the base of the iMac is a panel that is held in by two Phillips screws. Unscrew them to open the RAM access door. Then, pull out the DIMM ejector tabs. Insert the new RAM and make sure it's in tightly. Then, screw the door back on.

It's easy to play PokerStars on a Mac or take to the felts of Full Tilt Poker on the non-Windows machine. Visit today for the latest news from Mac poker rooms.



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