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New Virtual Private Servers From EstHost are Affordable and Flexible

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) May 16, 2007

EstHost welcomes customers to check out its new line of virtual private servers (VPS, or VDS) on Virtuozzo platform. VPS means a fully independent, virtualized, software-based server environment created on a single physical server. VPS enables users to fully customize their virtual server environments without having to pay for the entire server.

When a webmaster starts lacking the features of standard virtual hosting service, time comes to consider more serious options. But what if buying or renting a whole physical server is not yet reasonable? The answer comes from EstHost ( as its VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology, created on the Virtuozzo platform. A single physical server can host several virtual machines which act independently, with their own OS copies, software and settings. The resources of the physical computer are distributed in such a way to ensure all the independent virtual servers remain stable.

VPS offers a number of advantages to customers with increased hosting needs. A VPS gets a guaranteed amount of RAM, CPU time and other resources. The customer gets a superuser-level access to the virtual server, which means they can install any software and libraries, tweak the OS, adjust any parameters, etc.

All EstHost servers, which are used as platforms for VPS service, are equipped with dual CPUs and RAID. Virtuozzo platform is used to build the virtual servers. Currently, customers can choose between Fedora Core 4 and Centos 4, more operating systems to be offered soon. For a minor extra payment of $ 10 EstHost will install OpenVPN on a newly registered VPS. Learn more about the prices and place your VPS order at the Esthost's website ( Just like with any other EstHost products, customers get flawlessly reliable service and competent technical support.


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