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New Software Searches for Trading Strategies Automatically

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) April 29, 2004

Setting the stage for a new round of investment software packages, Avarin Systems today announced the release of StrataSearch, a technical analysis software package that searches for trading strategies automatically. “This package is very different from the optimization software that’s out there now,” says company president Peter Rast. “Rather than focusing the processing efforts on improving existing strategies, StrataSearch instead provides the tools to identify completely new strategies.” Indeed, StrataSearch is one of the only software programs available that performs such a broad, automated search.

Traders in search of trading strategies have previously had few options. They could devote their effort toward developing and testing their own trading ideas, a slow and manual process, or they could purchase an existing trading strategy from another source, an option that often costs thousands of dollars and comes with no guarantee of success. StrataSearch now provides a new option: traders can let their computers find new trading strategies for them.

To begin an automated search, users first set a few basic configurations on the type of search desired. After pressing OK, the search begins. Evaluating 10 years of historical price data on 200 stocks per evaluation, a potential trading strategy is created and run at a speed of about one per second. Although the CPU is pegged at 100% usage, the program runs in the background and has minimal effect on other programs operating simultaneously. Such utilization is not without its share of issues. “We’ve had some incidents,” recalls Rast. “One of our testers had previously disabled his CPU fan due to the noise. If he had not been paying attention, he could easily have melted a hole in his motherboard.” Most users, however, will appreciate the full utilization.

Once StrataSearch has begun the automated search, users are free to leave their computers and come back hours, days or even weeks later to check the results. Avarin Systems cautions that the process is not as simple as quickly checking for winners however, as users still need to sort through the results and determine which strategies work best for them according to their own priorities. Toward this end, the program runs a separate Detailed Analysis that provides a significant amount of information in evaluating the benefits, as well as risks, of each trading strategy.

In addition to common charting capabilities, StrataSearch provides a host of unique features. For example, the program can evaluate Sectors (frequently referred to as Industry Groups) alongside individual securities, allowing strategies to take into account the performance of a security’s Sector in addition to the security itself. As well, the package can schedule the distribution of daily buy and sell signals for automatic delivery to email recipients, or upload them to a configurable webpage as needed.

Personal computers are now operating at blazing speeds, and investors are continually looking for new ways to maximize and capitalize on this power. StrataSearch, with its revolutionary automation and unique features, leads the way into a new generation of investment software packages.

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Availability and Pricing:

StrataSearch is available in a free Lite Version, as well as a Professional Version priced at $ 795. The versions differ only in the number of supported technical analysis formulas. Visit for more information.

About Avarin Systems

Established in 2003, Avarin Systems is a Boulder, Colorado based software company focusing on financial systems and automated technical analysis.

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