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New Service Exposes the Industry Behind Computer Security

WOONSOCKET, RI (PRWEB) February 2, 2005 has launched a new "Whisper" Update resource for those who need a "bigger picture" of the computer security complex. Part Drudge Report, part The Smoking Gun, and part Think Secret, "Whisper" will collect and disseminate insider details on the industry behind computer security.

"Whisper" is managed by Rob Rosenberger, a hard-hitting independent observer of the computer security industry since 1988 and a member of the Investigative Reporters and Editors Association. "Whisper" will appeal to CISOs and computer security managers; military and government agency directors involved in computer security; presidents, COOs, and CTOs at computer security firms; editors and reporters who cover the computer security beat; and stock market analysts who watch publicly traded computer security firms.

"Computer security intelligence firms focus almost exclusively on the 'security' aspect," Rosenberger said. "The 'industry' aspect has been all but ignored, even by firms like GartnerGroup, which is itself a part of the computer security industrial complex." What little is told about the industry is gutted and sanitized; raw information is withheld and summarized.

Rosenberger insists the computer security industrial complex "evolved into a global multi-billion dollar industry, yet it wants the world to see it as a small group of computer scientists who wear lab coats. Add to this the fact computer security reporters ignore industry controversies. They simply won't report on the industry behind computer security."

Rosenberger compared today's computer security cartels to yesterday's Hollywood cartels. "The carefully constructed glamour did much to hide brutal corporate empires that ruled the movie industry with an iron fist. It was much like computer security is today," Rosenberger said.

"Whisper" will finally give the industry the attention it deserves, and it will pull no punches. "You'll read the full text of embarrassing emails, you'll hear about clandestine meetings, and you'll download sensitive documents," Rosenberger said. "All of our sources will remain confidential," he added.

"Whisper" debuts at an opportune time. What's Microsoft's game plan for its antivirus product(s) and how will competitors respond to it? Which firms supply hacking/virus technology to which governments (and who, by name, does the actual supplying)? Why does the Pentagon get such incredible deals on computer security products? What's the current status of the various industry cartels? Which computer security vendor refused to tell customers about a security hole in its own product? Which magazines prostitute themselves to computer security vendors? The "Whisper" Update will expose the industry behind computer security. is a critically acclaimed website that fights hysteria in the computer security world. Rob Rosenberger is one of the original virus experts from the 1980s, and he was the first to focus on virus hysteria. He was one of only a dozen industry experts invited to the White House's first-ever antivirus summit meeting. Red Herring magazine describes him as "one of the most visible and cursed critics in computer security."


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