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New High Speed Cameras Generate Streaming Video for High Speed Monitoring and Surveillance

Madison, AL (PRWEB) April 14, 2007

Southern Vision Systems, Inc (SVSi) is pleased to announce the addition of the StreamView and StreamView-LR high speed camera systems to its product portfolio. Both camera systems are capable of streaming high-resolution video for hours on end to a host computer for high speed monitoring and surveillance applications. SVSi's expanded high speed camera lines make high-definition slow-motion analysis affordable and convenient.

The StreamView and StreamView-LR camera systems have the unique capability of streaming video directly to host RAM for several seconds or to host hard disk array for several hours. StreamView is a networked high-speed camera capable of streaming uncompressed 1280x1024 images at 65-frames-per-second (fps), 640x480 @ 250-fps, or 320x240 @ 1,000-fps to a host computer at distances up to 300-ft over gigabit Ethernet. StreamView-LR streams 640x480 @ 200-fps, 640x380 @ 250-fps, or 320x240 @ 400-fps.

When streaming to a host computer with disk array, continuous recording times over eight hours can be achieved. StreamView and StreamView-LR can be bundled with a computer to create a complete video recording system tested to customer specifications. Recording times either to RAM or HDD are 12-secs per gigabyte. By accessing host RAM just as if it were inside the camera, these systems are very efficient and cost-effective high speed video recording platforms with expansion capability.

For trouble-shooting applications, StreamView sets the industry standard for long record time monitoring. When immediate recognition of an event is not possible because of location, hostile environment, or automation, StreamView and StreamView-LR can monitor for a full 8-hour shift with no need for complicated and unreliable triggering mechanisms. Because it doesn't need to tie into a PLC or machine vision system, setup is easy and reliable. Both camera systems come complete with intuitive easy-to-use software that can be installed and functioning in minutes.

StreamView and StreamView-LR are currently shipping and will be demonstrated at South Pack on April 24-26 in Atlanta, GA (Booth 1154). SVSi high speed camera systems are available worldwide through our distributor network. For more information on Southern Vision Systems and our products, please visit our website at

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