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New Device Turns a TV into a Computer Screen: Addlogix Launches Upgraded InternetVue IV-2020-RC

Irvine, CA. (PRWEB) September 15, 2008

Addlogix is proud to announce the release of the InternetVue IV-2020-RC computer screen device. This revolutionary device which enables users to display their computer screen on a TV has been further upgraded. The award winning InternetVue™ will now feature an IR remote control which will allow users to control the mouse and perform basic text entry and other keystrokes through the InternetVue™. With the remote control, users can control the PC even if it's located in a different room.

Addlogix also released a major software update, v3.06.10, which is applicable to all InternetVue products (IV-2020, IV-2020-RC and EV-2100). This new computer screen software also includes a new media player specifically designed for the InternetVue™ hardware which enhances the playback of nearly all types of video files. On Windows XP and 2000 PCs, streaming video can be displayed on the TV or projector, leaving the computer's primary display to be used for other tasks. The update also includes vastly improved documentation for easier user installation and configuration experience. Full details on the changes in v3.06.10 are as follows:

Extended mode available in Windows 2000 and XP, Pan & Scan removed.
Video scaler supports up to 1680x1050 PC resolution
Auto-discovery of InternetVue units over LAN replaces IP address entry
New QPlayer plays back DVDs, nearly all major file formats and CODECs, and can output video on extended display only, reducing CPU usage, and freeing primary display for other tasks
Enhanced User Manual and comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide
IR Remote Control Support
PAL / NTSC conversion (IV-2020 only)
Hide SSID and Disable Radio

The InternetVue™ line of wireless audio/video television computer screen products allows users to view streaming video wirelessly to a TV or projector via the computer's onboard or add-on IEEE 802.11 b/g adapter. With video quality of up to 30 frames per second in video mode at 24-bit color depth, the transmitted video is smooth and jitter-free. No other device on the market today allows browser based internet video, streaming video, or DVDs to be enjoyed on a big screen TV in real-time.

The IV-2020-RC is now available at all major distributors, retailers and e-commerce websites for $ 229. As an added incentive, Addlogix has lowered the price on the IV-2020 to $ 209

For further information on this streaming video product, please visit


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