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15Feb/110 Offering Low-cost Help to Small Businesses

Moreno Valley, CA (PRWEB) August 16, 2010

As small business owners search for new ways to trim costs while the economy recovers, has announced a new help desk service that will provide 24-hour technical assistance at a rate that is significantly lower than traditional repair options.

For a flat rate per computer, businesses will receive unlimited computer repair and technical support, providing the advantages of local help desk technicians to physician’s offices, insurance agents, law firms and other small business operations for a fraction of the average cost. Competing services can charge more than four times as much for a similar level of coverage.

“Computers are the lifeblood of most businesses today, and their operators need the security of knowing that when their systems are in trouble, help is only a phone call away,” said Kendrek Moultry, founder and CEO of MyCuredComputer LLC. “Every large corporation has a help desk. Now through our program, small business owners can receive the same level of support and reliability at a fraction of the cost.” has been a leader in providing remote technical support to individuals and businesses with around-the-clock technical support and virus protection through a veteran staff of computer experts. Its new help desk program extends the firm’s low-cost unlimited repair service to companies that require wide-ranging assistance for multiple computers and employees, but can’t afford a staff of full-time technicians.

Turning to traditional repair services can cost up to $ 100 per hour without the security of 24-hour assistance. Other help desk services can charge hefty fees for each computer they cover. But’s flat rate guarantees 24-hour telephone assistance, provides enough coverage to secure most small professional offices, and eliminates the inconvenience of scheduling on-site technicians who disrupt the daily work flow.

“In this difficult economic climate, any company can benefit by trimming costs that won’t hurt their product line,” Moultry said. “With this program, business owners will save hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars each year on computer repair and support costs.”

Companies interested in the help desk service can visit or call 1-877-743-3517

About, a leading source for online computer repair and support, is staffed by a team of PC authorities trained to manage problems ranging from routine errors to removal of viruses. Through one-time fixes or annual subscription plans, provides its clients across the nation with unlimited remote repair, technical support and continuous virus protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter their location.


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