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Monitor Unauthorized USB Memory Stick Activity and Prevent Data Theft

(PRWEB) October 12, 2007

CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. has released USB CopyNotify!, a specialized windows network security software that raises a notification as soon as a USB storage drive is used on any computer on the network. By receiving immediate notifications when a USB drive is being plugged into any computer, prevention of unauthorized copying of confidential information is possible. The software also monitors data copy operations on USB drives, and creates a notification and a log entry containing the name of each file that is being copied. Notifications of the shut down or uninstall of the USB CopyNotify! program itself are also generated.

In a simple to install procedure, the Server component of the program is loaded on the computer that will be used to recieve all alerts of USB drive activity on the network while the Client component of the program is loaded on each computer that needs be monitored for USB drive activity. Each time a USB drive is added or removed from any monitored computer, the server component receives real time notifications of the same. In addition, the program also maintains an activity log that can be printed or used for detailed reporting at a later stage.

With its capability to provide real time notifications of portable USB drive activity on the network, USB CopyNotify! is best suited for business owners who want to make sure that unauthorized individuals cannot copy private information from thier computer network or for administrators who want to audit and monitor the USB ports on all of the computers on the LAN. Future enhancements for USB CopyNotify! include SMS notifications, support for Linux and Mac OSX computers, and detection of Wifi, BlueTooth, and IEEE 1394 devices.

USB CopyNotify! v. 1.3 runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. The free trial version will monitor up to three computers on the network. A 10-workstation license costs $ 110(US). License packs are also available for 25, 50, 100, and 200 computers, as well as license packages for larger networks.

For more information, contact:

CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd.,

7 Summer Gardens, South Main Road, Lane G, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, Maharashtra, India.

Company URL:

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Phone: +91-20-26134980

About CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd.:

Since 1997, CygNET Systems has completed more than 60 outsourced software development projects for clients worldwide. The company's first off-the-shelf product, USB CopyNotify! helps companies, schools, and other institutions protect their data.

In addition to releasing USB CopyNotify!, the company is currently developing J.A.A.M. (Just Another Asset Manager), a network asset management application that will track software and hardware installations, as well as Internet activities on all computers on the network; TrakU, a subscription-based personal tracking service that keeps track of individuals'and vehicles'locations using GPS and GPRS; VIRTUComm, a plug and play virtual communication server that includes a Linux-based gateway, email server, firewall, and proxy server; and Network Profile Manager, a Vista Gadget that lets users move from network to network on their mobile computing devices and laptops, without having to reconfigure settings for each network.


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