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MERit Credit Engine provides direct CPU-to-CPU access to TransUnion Canada

(PRWEB) July 30, 2004

In addition to providing access to the three US Credit Bureaus the MERit Credit Engine (MCE) provides a software toolkit that allows retrieval from the more than 15 million TransUnion Canada consumer credit files with the TransUnion TUNA Link. The MCE software parses and stores credit report data in SQL database tables and (optionally) as XML for use in custom reporting, credit scoring, and credit decisioning applications. Where needed, credit reports can be rendered as human-readable text in normal credit bureau layouts or even HTML format.

MERit’s Credit Engine technology is unique because it allows direct access to credit bureau data without third-party websites and without added transaction fees. It is ideal for high-volume batch and interactive applications. For data integrity, raw data is retrieved and stored using bureau specific Internet system-to-system protocols, and made available through bureau-neutral SQL, ActiveX, XML, and delimited file interfaces.

TransUnion Canada is a fully owned subsidiary of TransUnion LLC, part of the Marmon Group of Companies with international headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to the United States and Canadian companies, TransUnion has numerous international operations.

The MERit Credit Engine further enhances profitability by eliminating transaction costs and the turnaround time of outsourcing. All data remains in-house, making it safe to test "blended" score models, those which combine credit bureau data with proprietary data of the enterprise.

MERit Credit Systems, Inc. ( is a leading provider of server-based online credit report retrieval software for businesses requiring quick and effective access to credit bureau information from the Equifax ISTS (Internet System to System service), Experian Net Connect, and Trans Union TUNA (Trans Union Net Access service.) The MCE is able to retrieve thousands of reports per hour and can generate XML or three bureau merged reports on-demand.

For additional information:

Herb Siedschlag

MERit Credit Systems

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