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MemAgent Releases Elite Edition of Memory Optimization Software for 2007

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 6, 2007

The beginning of each year sees software companies around the world racing to release faster, slicker versions of their popular products. One new release of note in this year's lineup is MemAgent's Elite Edition.

MemAgent already has a solid reputation, with its original MemAgent package being used by thousands of PC owners around the world. The Elite edition for 2007 promises new capabilities such as resolving registry errors, increasing loading time of applications, windows defragmenter, and speed-up system start up and shut down time.

For those unfamiliar with MemAgent, the software is designed to prevent windows errors and crashes and to help optimize and speed up PCs. "So many people needlessly waste hours of time and hundreds of dollars trying to fix common computer problems," says John Bishop, MemAgents Director. "It keeps computer workshops busy, but it isn't good for your stress levels - or your wallet!"

"MemAgent performs regular house keeping tasks on your computer that enable it to run faster and remain clutter free. You won't even notice MemAgent running, but you will notice that your computer is much faster and far more stable. It's a simple, easy to use program that helps to eliminate crashes by carrying out regular vital tasks on the RAM in order to speed up your computer and flush out the memory regularly."

Bishop says that one problem computer users regularly face is slow start up and shut down time. They purchase a new computer and a few months later, notice it is gradually slowing down when starting up and shutting down. A few weeks later and they are starting up their computer, going away to make a cup of coffee, and coming back 5 minutes later to find that the computer is finally almost ready to go.

Related to this is the slow loading time of applications. When you reach the point where you are starting to wonder whether a program is actually going to open, it's a sure sign that the applications are feeding on new memory without cleaning the old and unwanted parts of the RAM. Once this physical memory runs out, leaks will progress onto the virtual memory (your hard drive) and eventually freeze the computer.

The 2007 edition of MemAgent aims to tackle this difficulty head on and ensure that leaking memory becomes a problem of the past. It does this by cleaning up unneeded parts of the RAM, allowing other programs to happily feed on new memory and avoiding the gradual decline in speed.

"If you are worried that you'll need special expertise to use MemAgent, then rest easy," says Bishop. "MemAgent is designed to be up and running in 10 minutes and it is extremely simple to use. Our customers are delighted with the fact that these extremely frustrating problems can be eliminated so quickly and easily."

If MemAgent's Elite edition is as good as its creators believe, then it looks set to be the new best friend for PC owners.

About MemAgent

The original MemAgent is used by thousands of customers around the world, making it one of the world's leading Windows PC optimization solutions. MemAgent 2007 Elite Edition has been two years in the making and has superseded the original MemAgent as the web's most technologically advanced Windows PC optimization software.

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