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LeCayla Technologies Announces the World’s First On-Premise Software Metering Application

(PRWEB) April 25, 2005

LeCayla Technologies today announced the availability of LeCayla 1.0, the world’s first complete metering and billing solution for software. LeCayla allows Software Vendors, Managed Service Providers and System Integrators to offer on-premise software on a pay-per-use or utility priced basis.

LeCayla is the software equivalent of a utility meter such as an electricity or water meter. It allows any software application to be provided on a metered basis, whether that application is installed on the customer’s premises or hosted remotely.

The integrated billing engine allows the vendor to provide any billing model desired from traditional perpetual licensing to subscription, consumption, per transaction or per user per day etc. It allows customers to pay for business value rather than IT capacity.

Utility pricing is the fastest growing software market. Analysts forecast that 50% of all software will be sold on a utility basis by 2007. LeCayla allows software vendors to partake in that market today by offering their existing products, installed on their customer premises, but on a pay-per-use or utility priced basis. LeCayla will help software vendors win incremental business, access new markets and shorten sales cycles.

LeCayla will also be of significant benefit to the Managed Service Provider community. It will allow Service Providers to offer value-added business transactions, rather than IT just as a commodity. Instead of competing on CPU cycles, Managed Service providers will be able to offer business transactions such as secure document management, cheque processing etc., on a per unit basis.

About LeCayla

LeCayla Technologies provides the world's first software metering infrastructure for utility pricing. Based in Dublin, Ireland, LeCayla brings together a highly experienced management team with significant commercial experience involving international sales and marketing, technology and financial skills and was selected in 2003 by Enterprise Ireland as a High-Performance Start-up.

For more information contact:

Conor Halpin


LeCayla Technologies


Phone: +353 1 661 9979


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