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Katrina Flood News Website Launched

Lebanon, NH (PRWEB) September 6, 2005

BFC Computing, a computer consulting firm based in Lebanon, NH, has launched, a website dedicated to news about the Katrina flood and America’s recovery. Every fifteen minutes, the site is updated with the latest headlines gathered from over 4500 news sources around the globe. provides a single location for news readers to find updates on the latest happenings about the flood and America’s recovery. Rather than having to sift through other news sites to find information that may or may not be relevant, gathers all of that information into one place.

Bill McGonigle, owner of BFC Computing, says, “ is based on a technology we’ve been developing called NewsMaker, a tool for rapid deployment of specialized news websites. It’s wasn’t quite done, but after bouncing around several news sites looking for Katrina flood news items, I realized we needed to get NewsMaker out the door so people could have a single, dedicated place to look for flood-related news. This is one of the biggest events of our time and there are many people in need of up-to-the-minute information who have no time or interest reading stories about Iraq or tennis tournaments right now. For them, I hope this is helpful.”

The Website is built on Open Source Software, a field of computing that is BFC Computing’s specialty. “ was rapidly developed utilizing Open Source technologies,” says McGonigle. “This effort would not have been possible without standing on the shoulders of these Open Source giants, and could never have sprung into life fast enough if it were built of proprietary pieces. For us, Open Source is a competitive advantage.”

For up-to-the-minute coverage of Katrina flood news, visit

BFC Computing works with clients to develop computing solutions that exceed their expectations. Open Source allows BFC Computing to deliver solutions that are ideally customized to clients needs, protects against obsolescence, and delivers top-notch security. For more information on BFC Computing and its services, visit or call (603) 448-4440.


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