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How to Keep Your Computer at Optimal Speed

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 7, 2008, an online shopping resource where customers can shop for high-speed Internet and set up their service in minutes, offers some tips to help consumers keep their computers running, not walking.

ConnectMyHighSpeed understands the fast pace of today's world and the need for personal computers to maintain that pace. Below is a list of things that can slow down a computer, as well as home Internet service, and some tips to deter those problems.

    Computer Virus - Installing antivirus software will protect your computer easily and keep this from happening.
    Spyware and Adware - Keep your computer safe from spyware and adware by installing anti-spyware software.
    Programs - Too many programs can slow down a computer. Try removing programs that are not used frequently
    Digital Photographs - Store photographs on an external hard drive instead of on the computer's hard drive.
    Fragmentation of Hard Drive- Defragment the hard drive at least once a month.
    Low RAM - The computer may not have enough RAM, or Random Access Memory, to run the required programs.
    Temporary Files and Cookies - Periodically clear out the temporary files and cookies off of a computer.
    Games - A computer many not have sufficient memory to run a lot of games, so adding more memory can solve that problem.

About ConnectMyHighSpeed:

ConnectMyHighSpeed, a free online service, offers consumers the latest in Internet plans for their home. Consumers can upgrade from dial-up, find the best price on high-speed Internet service, order from the nation's top brands and lower their bills in one central site. ConnectMyHighSpeed is part of the WhiteFence network.


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