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Goal Semiconductor expands the VERSA Microcontroller (MCU) Series

(PRWEB) March 17, 2004

Montreal, March 15, 2004 --

Part Number            Flash/RAM

VRS540            4K / 128 B RAM

VRS550            8K / 256 B RAM

VRS560            16K / 256 B RAM

VRS570            32K / 1K RAM

VRS580            64K / 1K RAM

VRS700            64K / 4K RAM

VRS1000            64K / 1K RAM (with ISP/IAP)

The VERSA MCU series come in operating voltages of 3.3V and 5V, except for the VRS1000 and VRS560 that operate at 5V only.

“By expanding the VERSA Microcontroller series, we are able to target a broader market and offer a more versatile range of MCUs for embedded applications,” said John Zambakkides, VP, Sales and Marketing. “This family of products helps meet market demands for low cost MCUs that span 4KB to 64KB of Flash memory.”

The VERSA Microcontroller Families are available in 44-PLCC and 44-QFP packages, are multiple sourced and are pin compatible with other 8051-based microcontrollers. Commercial gang programmers as well as evaluation programmers are available to program the on-chip Flash memory of the MCUs.

The VERSA MCUs are supported by a demo system and are compatible with various C-compilers, such as Keil, Tasking, Raisonance IDE / Compiler / Assembler, etc. – the latter available free from Goal Semiconductor

For detailed data sheets and tech briefs, refer to Goal website

For price and availability please contact any one of our worldwide manufacturers representatives, distributors or Goal Semiconductor directly.

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