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GFT Group Makes It Easier to Talk to Your Computer

(PRWEB) August 30, 2004

GFT Group Inc. makes it easier to talk to your computer. GFT Group has selected a combination of the Sony wireless WCS-999 transmitter/receiver and the unidirectional Sony ECM-DM5P microphone as an affordable, easy-to-wear Lavalier microphone for use with its Petrana speech recognition product, eliminating the need to wear a headset.

Petrana is an artificial personal assistant who talks to the computer user in spoken English and operates computer applications for the user easily, comfortably, and enjoyably, giving the user free use of his or her hands and freedom of movement. Petrana transforms a computer, computer projector, wireless microphone system, and speech-recognition software into a voice activated Home Theater System and wall display computer. Petrana enables the user to operate a voice activated wall display computer without a keyboard, mouse, or presentation control. The user can stand, stretch, walk around, even exercise or prepare food while using the computer. A voice activated wall display computer makes it easier to play or work at home, reducing or eliminating the time and cost of the office commute and travel to entertainment destinations.

GFT Group Inc. is a private research and development company with offices in Mountain View, California and Maryland. The Research and Development Division of GFT Group in Mountain View is developing Petrana. The Petrana Voice Commands for DVD are the first component of Petrana available for purchase by the general public. The Petrana Voice Commands for DVD transform your computer into a voice activated Home Theater System.

"A unidirectional Lavalier wireless microphone that clips onto your shirt or blouse enables you to control your voice activated Home Theater System and wall display computer without wearing a headset," said John McGowan, President of the Research and Development Division of GFT Group. "Our market research shows that users of voice activated wall display computers sometimes find wearing headsets uncomfortable. A combination of the Sony WCS-999 transmitter/receiver and the Sony ECM-DM5P unidirectional microphone is an affordable, easy-to-wear microphone for our Petrana speech recognition product. This selection replaces a headset in environments with light or moderate background noise such as many homes and offices."

The Petrana Voice Commands for DVD require Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 7.0, 7.2, or 7.3. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 7.3 is recommended. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional is a high-end sophisticated commercial speech-recognition program from ScanSoft Corp. The Petrana Voice Commands for DVD will not work with lesser versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking such as the Standard or Preferred versions. The Petrana Voice Commands for DVD also require the InterVideo WinDVD 5 or 4 media player software. The InterVideo WinDVD 5 software is recommended. A computer fast enough to run both Dragon NaturallySpeaking and InterVideo WinDVD while playing back a DVD video is required. A clock speed of at least 1GHz is recommended.

GFT Group Inc. is not affiliated with ScanSoft Corp., InterVideo Corp., or Sony.

John F. McGowan, Ph.D.

President, Research and Development Division

GFT Group Inc.


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