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General Graphic Now Offers Online Live Video Demos

Kaysville, Utah (PRWEB) January 8, 2007

General Graphic is a leading distributor of graphic arts, printing and office equipment over the Internet. General Graphic understands that it can be difficult for many Internet users to purchase products over the Internet. Internet users are often wary about purchasing something that they have never seen or used. General Graphic believes they have found a solution to this issue, without ever needing to leave the office.

The answer to the issue of wanting to see products in use before purchase is the live video demo. Thanks to broadband Internet, a phone and a video camera, General Graphic can now offer live product demos. By using a Web browser, customers can log into a specially designed page, created by General Graphic, to get a live feed of a product. The live feed is shot through a camera that has been set up to work over the Internet.

Once the video link has been established, the customer service representative can then establish phone communications for the demo. A customer can then see the machine be used and ask questions while the demonstration is being performed. Live video demos are especially useful in helping the customer resolve any issues they may have before purchasing a machine that could be a significant investment.

General Graphic has also found that the live video demos are a great way to train customers on how to use a new machine. They are also great for troubleshooting issues that a customer may have setting up a machine. Live video demos can even be used to help guide a customer through minor repairs.

No pressure is placed on the customer to make a purchase. Live video demos are offered as a free service to anyone who wants one. A list of products that offer a live video demo can be found here: ( Live video demos are even available on this list upon request.

For further information, please contact Kelly Bingham of General Graphic, 1-888-346-9184.


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