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First Full-Length Graphic Novel Released for Sony PSP

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 16, 2005

The first graphic novel developed specifically for Sony's massively popular PSP (PlayStation Portable) platform was released today by 42 Ninjas Productions. The first chapter of the cyberpunk-themed graphic novel, titled "NYC2123: Dayender," is available as a free download for the PSP at, where it can also be viewed online.

Over 5 million PSP units have been shipped worldwide, and reviewers at C-NET, Wired, Stuff Magazine and scores of other publications have named it the "must have" gadget of 2005, in large part because it is much more than a portable gaming console—the PSP can store photos and MP3s, play movies and connect to the internet via wi-fi.

"NYC2123" was created by brothers Paco and Chad Allen. "The PSP has a solid library of games now," said Paco Allen, "but the device is capable of so much more than that. Outside of video games there is a huge supply and demand issue with regards to content. The major movie studios are releasing titles for the PSP, but the selection still a bit thin. We wanted to help fill that void, so we decided to create 'NYC2123' specifically for the PSP."

"NYC2123" has been released under a Creative Commons license which allows others to manipulate the work and redistribute in non-commercially. "We're opening up the content to the PSP community as something they can remix, sample or translate into other languages," said Chad Allen. In fact, "NYC2123" itself was designed and illustrated using a variety of digital sampling techniques. "Each frame of the book is a digital composite of photos we took of actors and background scenes," said Paco Allen. "We then illustrated over these composite scenes in Photoshop and Flash to produce the final product."

About 42 Ninjas Productions: 42 Ninjas was formed by brothers Paco and Chad Allen in 2004 to explore methods for bringing conventional art forms (like the graphic novel) to cutting-edge digital multimedia platforms. Paco Allen is an illustrator based in San Francisco, CA. Chad Allen is a writer based in New York, NY.

For more information contact Chad Allen at (917) 575-8974, or Paco Allen at (650) 520-9955.

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