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EstHost: New Servers Powered by 64-bit Virtuozzo 4.0

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) February 27, 2008

EstHost, Inc, a US-based hosting provider, announces its range of new Dell servers powered by the Virtuozzo 4.0 64 bit, the new version of industry standard virtualization solution, now supporting 64-bit processors. The system will be used on 2 quad Xeon servers with 16 Gb RAM.

Being committed to offering hosting solutions of the highest industry standards, EstHost, Inc introduces Virtuozzo 4.0 64 bit by SWsoft as its new platform for VPS services. Virtuozzo is a popular tool for building multiple virtual environments within a physical server, creating secured, independent instances of the primary operating system so that several virtual private servers can share the same physical machine. Launched years ago, today Virtuozzo is the industry standard virtualization solution now supporting faster 64-bit x86 processors with a larger amount of RAM which can now be used by the system. Thus, many jobs can now be run on the same server, which means that a noticeable performance advance has been made now bringing the latest computing power in the hands of the company's VPS users. Also, the product's 4th version offers increased uptime periods compared to older versions, a variety of backup enhancements and a more manageable, reliable and sophisticated server environment.

EstHost, Inc launches its range of new Dell 1950 servers with 2 quad Xeon CPUs, 16 Gb of RAM, and SATA Raid storage. Customers can now benefit from having their VPS servers hosted on much more powerful hardware driven by advanced 64-bit functionality of the new Virtuozzo 4.0.

Visit the company's official site at to learn more about EstHost, Inc and the services it offers. Use for new domain registrations, or visit to buy previously registered and unused domains by auction. If you need more information about Nagios or any other EstHost, Inc. services, contact the company's customer support department by creating a ticket at (new users will need to register).

Started in 2004, today EstHost, Inc offers professional, reliable virtual hosting, dedicated server and Virtuozzo-powered virtual private server solutions. Constantly expanding its network infrastructure, EstHost, Inc employs connections from nLayer, WV Fiber, Scnet, Sbc, Telia, SAVVIS, and Global Crossing. EstHost, Inc potential customers are provided with 5-day trial period, which is the great way to test the features of the EstHost, Inc services for free. Domain-related services can be obtained from http://estdomains, including new domain name registration, setting up email forwarding or managed DNS. In addition, customers are welcome to auction their domains at or purchase old unused domain names from other webmasters.


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