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Email Address Authentication Released as an Open Source by Simplicato

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 15, 2005

Simplicato, a business email hosting company, releases a unique open source anti-Spam, anti-Phishing solution. The cost and the time spent to identify and filter out unwanted email forced Simplicato to look for an alternative solution to prevent Spam and Phishing.

Today email is the most pervasive application on the Internet. And it is mostly abused by various types of offenders to the point that over 70% of email is Spam. The deficiency of the current email protocols enables con artists to steal email identities and blast unwanted email to users with little or no viable technology to stop these activities.

Simplicato's Address Authentication is bullet proof, open source, scalable technology that complies with existing Internet protocols and technology. It provides mechanisms to generate email address authentication keys, append the key to the message headers, enable the recipient to verify the key and rate its value to the recipient. It is easy to implement and integrate with existing mail systems. Further more Simplicato's Address Authentication provides this technology using minimal system resources and user intervention.

Regardless of its merit, the success of this technology depends on it's acceptance and wide spread usage in the marketplace. It is for this reason plus the benefits which can be gained by the greater good of email providers and their users that Simplicato made the decision to offer the Address Authentication technology for free. The technology is provided using an open source license which is based on the Mozilla open source license.

Simplicato services were founded by Ram Tanamy in 2001 to provide fast and reliable email services exclusively. They were among the first of email providers to offer IMAP email hosting. Consistently monitoring the pulse of the email industry and striving to provide the necessary tools to their clients Simplicato began to offer affordable email Archiving services to small and mid size enterprises.

Ram Tanamy, a veteran system architect of Wall Street, developed trading systems in the Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Markets, where security, reliability and fast execution were critical and a 1 minute downtime could cause millions of dollars in losses. Ram Tanamy was the first to develop a Fixed Income Trading System over the web and he was the chief system architect of, now MSN Money.

Simplicato's corporate headquarters are located in New York City, their data center located in 25 Broadway.

For information Please call (212)268-2182 or

Sandra Maxwell

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Simplicato gives you freedom and peace of mind to focus on your business.

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