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Creating Computer Confidence Through a Board Game?

Springfield, MO (PRWEB) October 1, 2008

Local entrepreneur and creator of Shortcut 2 Learning - Computer Basics says, "YES YOU CAN!"

Springfield resident and Mizzou graduate Jeremiah Brown developed a low tech solution to a high tech problem. Released this summer, Shortcut 2 Learning - Computer Basics is a board game, yes a board game, which teaches valuable computer concepts, vocabulary, and some universal commands for Windows based computers. The goal is to give computer users confidence to navigate their way through problems by providing the understanding which seems to escape so many users today - "Why does it DO that!" And of course, to have fun while learning.

Long before a surgeon picks up a scalpel, he has to learn the anatomy, physiology, and vocabulary of the human body: hands off theory before hands on training. Computers may not be quite as complex as the human body, but a little understanding can go a long way in giving a user the confidence needed to problem solve. Whether it be learning new software, installing a new hard drive, or knowing

So what inspired Jeremiah to develop a board game? According to Jeremiah, "For many people technology can be really intimidating, but when is the last time you felt apprehensive about playing Monopoly? People need a way to learn about the concepts of computers without the intimidation of the technology itself. Computer Basics creates an environment where anybody can learn computer concepts in a way that's fun and easy."

Computer Basics poses questions to the players in five key categories including Hardware, Software, Internet, Navigation, and General. The objective is to be the first to the end of the maze by answering the most questions correctly. The more times you play the game, the better your computer knowledge becomes.

Shortcut 2 Learning - Computer Basics is a fantastic resource for educators and parents to teach computer concepts. No other game like this exists on the market. Get a fundamental understanding of computers and have fun doing it with Shortcut - Computer Basics!

More information about the Computer Basics board game can found by visiting the company's website at

About Shortcut 2 Learning

Shortcut 2 Learning was founded by Jeremiah Brown in 2007 as the company responsible for developing the educational board game, Shortcut - Computer Basics. Jeremiah holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and has worked in various roles of the technology industry. As a company, Shortcut 2 Learning maintains that all of our products are manufactured in the USA.


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