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Computer Donations Needed to Help Charitable and Non-Profit Agencies

Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver Canada (PRWEB) January 12, 2007

Electronic Recycling Association ( celebrates 2006 and the holidays by taking some well deserved time off. In 2006 ERA was successful in collecting thousands of old computers and redeploying them with various charities, non profit agencies, community centers and libraries.

Thousands of people benefited from the hard work of the ERA. Thousands of computers have been placed in learning institutions and with people who otherwise could not have afforded access to them.

In 2007, ERA's goal is to collect even more old computers, laptops and networking equipment destined to landfills or to be smelted.

It is a proven fact that reusing computers and technology is more environmentally friendly that smelting, and ERA's purpose is to reuse as many computers as possible by putting them in the hands of the needy and disadvantaged groups, who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

In Canada, thousands of companies and government departments are using the top end equipment, and upgrades are very frequent to keep on top of technology. Unfortunately this has created a problem for the environment. These companies and government departments sometimes dispose of computers and technology in a not so environmentally friendly manner, such as dumping this equipment in landfills, or having it smelted.

ERA operates reuse programs with many charities and non profit agencies. One example of this is a program between the ERA and the Calgary Drop in Center. Old computers are collected by ERA, and refurbished by ERA and the Drop in Center and then given to poor people getting their first apartment or home.

These same computers would otherwise be burried in landfills or smelted by government funded recyclers, who think of profits first, environment and helping the community last.

ERA is different. ERA collects old computers for donation to organizations and people who can not afford computers and technology.

If your company has old computers, you can rest assured that giving them to ERA is the best solution. The data is erased safely, usually at your location so you can rest assured any secrets ae not revealed.

The computers are then cleaned up, refurbished and donated to communities that can use them for several more years.

ERA has offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. ERA can pickup computers, laptops, servers, and networking equipment from anywhere in Canada and even in the USA.

ERA works with a large refurbishing and donations organization in the UK as well, which can also collect and donate old computers.

For more information please contact the ERA at under the contact section.


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